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20/09/1468 Spotlight minutes

Today we would like to welcome Robert Sparky Steele in the spotlight minutes. He has been known as the rebel who had taken over a village in Westmorland and most recently as a council member in Sussex, but do you know him? Let's find out!

Robert, thank you for taking the time to sit with us at Spotlight Minutes. Let us begin with what one word would you say describes you?
I would say, unconventional.

Not traditional so have you ever beer bombed anyone and if so what was their reaction?
Yeah, plenty of times. A long time back (maybe 3 years now), it was the mayor of Hastings. They were drunk for the next 4 days and definitely not too amused. More recently, it was someone unsuspecting at a wedding party.

What do you think of gnomes?
Hate 'em. They sometimes grab hold of you at the most inopportune moments.

I am sure we can all agree that gnomes are the worst they are annoying. Can you tell us what is your most annoying habit?
I've been told that I am defiant. And that if I am told not to do something, I will inevitably do it.

Other than being defiant, what do you do for fun?
I like looking for adventures. Meeting people. Looking for stories to tell when I am 60, that is if I live that long. I like to create my own adventures.

In your adventures of looking for stories, what is the weirdest thing someone has done for you?
I don't think I can remember. Maybe it's the lovely lady in France who taught me some basic French so that I could get into a conversation, and also kept me in the loop for a full evening.

Can you tell us what is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently?
Has to be a wedding I attended in Lewes. Nothing specific happening to me really but overall it was a really great experience.

Tell me the most interesting thing about you that I have not heard about from the stories told in the Inns or taverns.
Most of the things I consider interesting are pretty much known stories around England I believe. Apart from that, I've been told that I am a decent archer. Is that interesting enough?

A decent archer is interesting enough to want to go against you in the arena. Tell us who is your role model, and why?
None in particular, but many in general. I think it is human instinct to be moulded by society. I've travelled around a lot and you could say I have been inspired by experiences rather than by a person. In Ireland, I found a love for adventure and daring when I visited a pirate hideout there. In England, someone taught me the importance of friendship. Another experience taught me to be active instead of acting passively. So you could say my role model is experience.

Experience is a good gift to have, can you tell us what is the last gift you gave to someone?
Last Christmos I remember buying a cloak (I think it was a cloak) for some of my close friends.

Gifts are fun to give we agree. What is the most fun place you have been and why was it fun?
Lewes. By far. It has more women than men. Back in the day, it was a wild place to be, still is somewhat.

You live in Lewes now, so what place has been the most fun to visit for you?
Vendome, France. I was passing through the town but it is somewhere I could see myself settling in when I'm 60.

Sounds like you had a wonderful experience there, Who would be your most favourite person you have come across in your travels?
I don't think I can choose just one of the many wonderful evenings I've spent meeting people. That's the beauty of life.

It sounds like you travelled around by ship a lot. If you were ever shipwrecked on a deserted island, with everything needed to survive (food and water), what two items would you want to have with you?
My trusted bow and arrow. Does it count as two? If not, then also a book to entertain myself with.

The final question is there anything you like to do that would be a surprise to us the readers?
Nah. You'll find that I am not really the most social person or formal even!

Thank you again, for giving us your time.
If you the reader are interested in having others know you more please contact me so we can set up an interview.

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19/09/1468 Election of Devon's council : AC have obtained the absolute majority of the seats.

LONDON (AAP) – The list Ambiguous Collective have taken the lead in the Devon county council election race, and have gained an absolute majority of the seats. They can govern alone.

Result of the vote :

1. "Ambiguous Collective" (AC) : 60.8%
2. "Devon For Integrity™" (DFI) : 39.2%

The seats of the council have been split in proportion to the election votes:

1 : Cullen_veilcrest (AC)
2 : Redmilla_passion (AC)
3 : Alysrose (AC)
4 : Katelyn_hamilton (AC)
5 : Delissia (AC)
6 : Dranoel (AC)
7 : Spittfire (AC)
8 : Marjaery (DFI)
9 : Emrys. (DFI)
10 : Havryil (DFI)
11 : Hulda_ (DFI)
12 : Allikath (DFI)

The members of the council will recognize the new Count(ess) in two days. The Count(ess) will have to present the county's respects to the King and appoint the councillors to their new positions.

16/09/1468 Election of Mercia's council : ATOM have obtained the absolute majority of the seats.

LONDON (AAP) – The list Alliance for a Transparent and Open Mercia have taken the lead in the Mercia county council election race, and have gained an absolute majority of the seats. They can govern alone.

Result of the vote :

1. "Alliance for a Transparent and Open Mercia" (ATOM) : 100%

The seats of the council have been split in proportion to the election votes:

1 : Eddward (ATOM)
2 : Jane_myxti (ATOM)
3 : Clara_palidor (ATOM)
4 : Vivienne_degrey (ATOM)
5 : Yashraj (ATOM)
6 : Nicol_flamel (ATOM)
7 : Aslov (ATOM)
8 : Amda (ATOM)
9 : Galrador (ATOM)
10 : Matthew. (ATOM)
11 : Kaldron (ATOM)
12 : Synesia (ATOM)

The members of the council will recognize the new Count(ess) in two days. The Count(ess) will have to present the county's respects to the King and appoint the councillors to their new positions.

10/09/1468 Result of the second round of the election

Result of the second round of the election

alexanderia has become the new sovereign of Kingdom of England with 80.25 % of the votes!

08/09/1468 Monarch Interview Pt. 2

Monarch elections are upon us. In this series I sit down with several of the candidates and ask them a series of questions. For the second interview in the series I sat down with Marjaery. Marjaery is an active and vocal member of the community in Devon. The Glitter Queen can be seen sitting in the taverns of Chard welcoming people to town. As I discovered myself on multiple visits, I do not recommend falling asleep if you don't want to be sprinkled with glitter.

People often like to know who a monarch's candidate favorite king or queen of England was in the past. Who was yours?
(M)Of the Monarch's I have known I'd say I personally liked Shellara the most. May she rest in peace. She and I didn't agree on everything, it's true but I felt very much that she cared about England more than ego and she didn't outright ignore me when I reached out to her. And she didn't pretend to hand down "wisdom" once she sat the throne.

What can you tell us about your family?
(M)My father is alive and well. A simple merchant. My mother died when I was very young and my father and I are estranged. I'm not from a great family of note and history, just a simple girl. At the moment my closest family is my daughter Geraldine who means the world to me. I want to make England a good place for her and for everyone.

What about any affiliations? (if you have none, then perhaps explain why?)
(M)I suppose I do not really have any affiliations if you mean it as being part of clubs or groups or armies. I have preferred to remain outside of such things and focus on doing what is best for me and then for England by working in council. I think perhaps it means I often miss out on making some connections one can make by nature of being in clubs together but I think it keeps my perspective on things unique. Though, when I first left my father's house you know, I thought it fun to perhaps associate with WoS. I am sure everyone knows after I was outed by Frankie. It was a short lived affiliation as I moved instead into more politics and family. I suppose we've all had rebellious moments in our youth. Perhaps it is folly to admit it now but ah well.

Can you give an example of how you resolved a conflict?
(M)I am surprised at the difficulty of this question. I suppose that indicates in me a space where I must reflect and gives me something to work on in a way, we all have things to reflect on. I suppose that working in politics and in Council especially as Countess there have been specific instances where I have aided to resolution one way or another. After all, it can be a bit like minding children at times, aye. Though nothing occurs to me specifically. I mean I was approached by a ship thief once to work something out but really I just sunk the ship. I'm not sure that's what you're looking for. Personally I did have things come up in Devon that I felt hurt by and defensive about and I did end up talking to one person involved in the tavern over drinks and we apologized to each other and moved on. Though, politically I am known for being for being somewhat pushy when I think I am right, I think I have also apologized when I have been wrong. And I am always willing to work things out over ales.

What experience do you have in leadership?
(M)I have served as Mayor and in council at the county level many times. I've done several terms as Countess of Devon as well.

What's your Royal Claim?
(M)I am not entirely certain how to answer this, being mostly a regular type myself and having grown up in a nice but not noble household. I admittedly know very little about my family tree. Though I am self titled Viscountess of Ababwa and have been called the Glitter Queen as well as the Witch of Devon. Perhaps I have a claim simply by virtue of decided to try and claim it. After all, I have never been silent in criticism of past monarchs so it's only fair I feel, to toss in my lot with them and follow the same path. Perspective, you know.

What do you think is most important to the English people?
(M)Integrity of government and opportunity to be heard.

How do you think Monarchs have been able to accomplish anything in the past? How do you plan to win support, cooperation and generally accomplish your goals and the tasks expected of a monarch?
(M)With help from the people around them. Whether that is in privy or in positions nationally or in their household. The truth is that quite a great deal of the work is done by those people. Even as Countess and Mayor I have seen those working with me take on so much work while I try to be everywhere helping all of it along. The amount of work those in support positions do is astounding and they should be applauded no matter who they are. Without people carrying, a Monarch alone can accomplish very little, especially if they lack the time. I hope I can bring in people with my integrity and my willingness to talk about issues and decisiveness. To give others the opportunity to shine that maybe would not otherwise have that opportunity because they haven't been able to connect with and fall in line with the usual groups. To show those that have been around that I do truly care about England doing well and am willing to work as well. And to listen to those who know better than me and learn from them.

Who is your heir and can you tell us a bit about them also?
(M)Daisy Holifard is my heir. Often the two of us have been lumped together by detractors in various ways. We've even been called the Dastardly Duo. Perhaps it is by virtue of both of us being strong outspoken and opinionated women. When I decided to submit myself to serve the Kingdom, picking her to run along side me was a given. I've not always agreed with her either but I respect her and the fact that she has the courage to speak up when it matters. Like me, she won't be shut up when she feels strongly about something that is wrong.

Where would one find you on a quiet peaceful day? Where would one find you when you are totally stressed out?
(M)Easy. On quiet days you'd find me with my daughter. Perhaps that's not always what some would think of as peaceful but for me it is chaotic serenity. Or, perhaps sitting beneath a tree and sketching as she plays in the grass with the maid. As for when I am stressed, of course drinking in the tavern or practicing with my knives or shooting arrows. Or perhaps bathing in a bath of my famous Marjie's Miracle Glitter Tonic, it's amazing stuff really!

Nicole for the KAP



Product Price Variation
Loaf of bread 4.56 -0.28
Fruit 9.92 0
Bag of corn 3.7 0.87
Bottle of milk 9.48 0.11
Fish 20.26 0.06
Piece of meat 12.25 0.13
Bag of wheat 10.89 -0
Bag of flour 12.88 1.64
Hundredweight of cow 20.53 0.33
Ton of stone 10.44 -0
Half-hundredweight of pig 15.41 0.05
Ball of wool 10.86 -0.14
Hide 16.32 -0.06
Coat 49.5 0
Vegetable 9.38 -0.18
Wood bushel 4.19 0.08
Small ladder 20.18 0
Large ladder 68.02 0
Oar 20 -0
Hull 36.49 0
Shaft 8.16 -0.14
Boat 99.33 0.63
Stone 18.32 -0.11
Axe 150.74 0
Ploughshare 38.44 0
Hoe 30 0
Ounce of iron ore 11.52 0.2
Unhooped bucket 21.88 0
Bucket 37.73 0
Knife 17.89 0
Ounce of steel 49.04 -0.06
Unforged axe blade 53.91 0
Axe blade 116.44 0
Blunted axe 127.79 -2.51
Hat 53.38 0.08
Man's shirt 119.57 0.12
Woman's shirt 121.14 0
Waistcoat 141.4 0
Pair of trousers 74.61 -0.09
Mantle 257.82 0
Dress 265.04 -0.2
Man's hose 45.63 -0
Woman's hose 44.32 0
Pair of shoes 27.53 -0.01
Pair of boots 86.57 0
Belt 45.2 -0
Barrel 12.02 0
Pint of beer 0.82 0
Barrel of beer 66.51 2.5
Bottle of wine 1.66 0
Barrel of wine N/A N/A
Bag of hops 19.34 0
Bag of malt 10 0
Sword blade 101.19 0
Unsharpened sword 169.69 0
Sword 146.48 -0.07
Shield 36.91 0
Playing cards 73.55 -0
Cloak 180.72 0
Collar 68.35 -0.06
Skirt 135.35 0
Tunic 222.36 0
Overalls 115.73 0
Corset 117.2 0
Rope belt 53.86 0
Headscarf 60.73 0
Helmet 164.91 0
Toque 48.61 0
Headdress 79.65 0
Poulaine 64.02 0
Cod 11.36 0
Conger eel 12.81 0
Sea bream 18.31 0
Herring 17.43 0
Whiting 17.42 0
Skate 12.16 0
Sole 18.11 0
Tuna 12.51 0
Turbot 18.02 0
Red mullet 16.53 0
Mullet 12.47 -0
Scorpionfish 20.5 0
Salmon 16.51 0
Arctic char 12 0
Grayling 14.77 0
Pike 17.6 0
Catfish N/A N/A
Eel 15.09 0
Carp 17.98 0.03
Gudgeon 17.68 -0.04
Trout 17.51 0
Pound of olives 13.38 0
Pound of grapes 9.18 0
Sack of barley 10.67 0
Half-hundred weight of goat carcasses 18.99 0
Bottle of goat's milk 12.81 0
Tapestry 143.6 0
Bottle of olive oil 121.94 -0
Jar of agave nectar N/A N/A
Bushel of salt 19.89 0
Bar of clay 3.43 -0
Cask of Scotch whisky 93.32 -0
Cask of Irish whiskey 131.27 0
Bottle of ewe's milk 10.57 0
Majolica vase 10 0
Porcelain plate N/A N/A
Ceramic tile N/A N/A
Parma ham 84.97 0
Bayonne ham 34.65 -0
Iberian ham 70.28 0
Black Forest ham 54.72 0
Barrel of cider 51.16 0
Bourgogne wine 76.22 0
Bordeaux wine 60.89 0.31
Champagne wine 141.21 -5.25
Toscana wine 33.69 0
Barrel of porto wine 87.44 0
Barrel of Tokaji 163.71 0
Rioja wine 159.19 0
Barrel of Retsina 36.79 -0
Pot of yoghurt 85.17 -0
Cow's milk cheese 77.07 0
Goat's milk cheese 85.06 2.5
Ewe's milk cheese 52.26 0
Anjou wine 50.88 -0
Ewe carcass 15.03 0
Mast 456.7 0
Small sail 215.71 0
Large sail 838.79 0
Tumbler of pulque N/A N/A
Jar of pulque N/A N/A