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03/10/1470 Beginings of a new Monarch's Reign: Andreas Sharpe

Kingdoms Associated Press - London, England

Once again, another reign ends and a new one starts. We should be used to this phenomenon as it happens every six to eight months. All that said, let us take a look at the newest monarch, HRH Andreas Sharpe. His campaign promises were:

  • House of Lords - to renew or replace the charter there. Once a new Charter is in place, then work can begin on bringing a new purpose to the House, along with making it more attractive to peers to become involved in matters and debates.

  • Order of the Garter - will be used as Royal representatives to be assigned to any area that has been petitioned for assessment.

  • Trade and Economy - establish regular trad and routes between counties/councils

  • Military and Defence - consideration to budget for national military and development of armed trader escorts.

  • Prestige - review the system in place already and make changes if needed

  • Social and Culture - numerous plans to revive culture, art and entertainment

  • National Dispatch - Relaunch an existing newspaper which is Crown-sponsored but Independent newspaper for reporting on the Kingdom at every level from Towns upwards with a publishing target of at least one general issue per month, plus specials covering significant events, etc.

  • Further on we see that his privy is unconventional compared to past monarchs. There is no attorney general in his list of officers. This lack of having an attorney general goes against a decree which has not been revoked by any monarch since 1466. This also means we have no one paying attention to our law library causing it to fall behind further in updates. Now as always, all security-related issues will be contained in the private rooms of privy chambers which should contain people whom it involves but we see again where several officers are not involved and one officer a Chamberlain who organizes royal events is in the private privy. And last but not least he states that he hopes he can ring in a new era for England with grace and happiness.

    Now here is where things become a bit of a conundrum in England.

    First, he claims his treasury was only £18,800. The past monarch had £27,711 left over from his reign. In his will, he states "By last will and testament we decree ten thousand pounds to be granted to the Counties of Westmorland, Sussex, Devon and Mercia from the Royal Treasury upon our passing. The remaining funds shall be at the disposal and discretion of the Regent. "

    The funds to the counties were transferred but the former regent, Zulita has yet to relinquish some funds left over stating "A lot of the funds have already been returned to the Crown and have been accounted for in the treasury." This is where an issue has already befallen this monarchy. We have not seen any accounting records of that being returned to the treasury.

    Those funds could be used for the defence of England and for the prestige program to keep the defence of England higher. The monarch has not questioned publically where the money is nor has he issued a public statement about the funds. We can read in the records the discussion on the money but not many answers in the public are given. So with the little amount of treasury he was given when elected, the prestige and defence of England may fall into a tremendous slump which we have not seen before. England can only hope things start to shape up better than the start!

    England KAP
    Editor in Chief
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26/09/1470 Results of the first round

Results of the first round :

andreas.sharpe69.55 %
arthur_the_younger14.15 %
danay8.06 %
kat.4.72 %
the_count3.54 %

andreas.sharpe has obtained the absolute majority of the popular vote!

09/09/1470 Election of Devon's council : A4D have obtained the absolute majority of the seats.

LONDON (AAP) – The list All for Devon have taken the lead in the Devon county council election race, and have gained an absolute majority of the seats. They can govern alone.

Result of the vote :

1. "All for Devon" (A4D) : 57.4%
2. "Devon United" (DU) : 42.6%

The seats of the council have been split in proportion to the election votes:

1 : Silicon_toad2000 (A4D)
2 : Marslynn (A4D)
3 : Chelseabells (A4D)
4 : Ryofu (A4D)
5 : Allikath (A4D)
6 : Snagletoothbass (A4D)
7 : Ember (DU)
8 : Tarconia (DU)
9 : SparrowJack (DU)
10 : Llyres (DU)
11 : Tarris_andar (DU)
12 : Brody (A4D)

The members of the council will recognize the new Count(ess) in two days. The Count(ess) will have to present the county's respects to the King and appoint the councillors to their new positions.

06/09/1470 Monarch Election Questions - Katniss Locksley

The Monarch Candidate series of election questions

The Count

Arthur the Younger

HRH Andreas Sharpe

Danay Meredith Ashcroft

Kingdoms Associated Press - London, England

As I left Danay's campaign tent, I found one last person running so far. I entered and picked up the campaign sheet and read it while she was busy answering questions. This candidate was Katniss Locksley. This was not the first time I had interviewed her but today was different. It was not about ships and pirates but about running for England's Monarchy. As things settled we sat down to go over the questions.

✍️ KAP
"With the lack of stability in the kingdom population-wise, how do you propose to get more people involved? "

Katniss Locksley
"I would refer to my campaign.

"Bonus: The Great Migration. With a declining population, I have a vision of how to improve things. It will take work but could be an elegant solution. If elected, I will share this vision and work to make it happen during my reign."

I don't think it would be a popular idea but it would be A way to help solve the issue. I think that is all I am going to say about this one for now."

✍️ KAP
"What is your definition of leadership?"

Katniss Locksley
"Deeds not words. Enough said. "

✍️ KAP
"What do you believe should happen to those close to you when they make an honest mistake?"

Katniss Locksley
"Honest mistake? Learn from it and move on. Betrayal though is another matter."

✍️ KAP
"Royal treasury - will you be transparent in how much is there and how it is spent?"

Katniss Locksley
"I am but a commoner. I do not know nor how it is spent. I would be able to manage what is there well."

✍️ KAP
"What mistakes have you made that have improved who you are now?"

Katniss Locksley
"I have had a hard life not many are willing or able to accept me because of that. I would refer you to my life quote. (profile)

"I would like to say that I chose the life I live but I didn't so I play the cards that I am dealt. In that process, I have grown hard at heart, when some would see things as wrong I see them as right. I play for all the marbles.

In life, the hardest aspect of the battle between good and evil is determining which is which."

✍️ KAP
"Tell us about a time when your judgment has been tested in crisis."

Katniss Locksley
Aw, some good times. I would refer you to some of my times when I was in leadership there are more but here is one as a PP and one as a captain of a fleet of warships.

✍️ KAP
I took a copy of the stories and add them to the interview.

As a Captain of Armada of warships (KAP also did a story on this topic)

Getting back to the interview now.

✍️ KAP
"Are you open to the freedom of speech of anyone in the realm regardless of title or rank?"

Katniss Locksley
"YES! In fact, in my campaign, I am one of the biggest proponents for this. I am the only candidate that would NOT have a privy council to ensure everyone would have a voice and less would be behind closed doors. NO more privileged persons being hand selected for the privy council ALL no matter the title or rank could come to the discussions and have a voice.

I also would put the tower of London under construction during my reign aka it would be closed for building a bigger one and would be complete after my reign had come to an end. By doing this it would end more closed doors discussions and allow more freedom of speech. The commons are were the people are and that is where I would be also!"

✍️ KAP
"Many of the hardest decisions in the Kingdom won’t be consensus decisions. What will inform your decision-making?"

Katniss Locksley
"Mmm wise counsel of others I would guess. Voting maybe? I am but a commoner so I tend to make decisions with haste. I would not have committees of committees where stuff is discussed for months before a decision is made. Ugh. Maybe Mad queen syndrome would play a factor in this maybe not."

✍️ KAP
"Being a monarch requires decisiveness. Share with the readers some examples of your ability and willingness to be decisive."

Katniss Locksley
Aw, good question I would refer back to past experience as a PP and a Captain of a large warship.

✍️ KAP
"Ah the previous stories to be looked at in question six. Readers, please refer to those stories for her answer. Now back to our questions.

What could cause you to fail as the monarch?"

Katniss Locksley
"For sure Mad queen syndrome. It runs in the Locksley family. Not saying I have it but we don't know. I was never diagnosed by a doctor in this realm. Should it happen I would always have a heir. BUT I am hoping for the longest reign England has ever seen."

There are thirteen days left to register so if you have a spare one thousand pounds or friends with deep pockets, place your name up for a chance at being the monarch. Of course, being a monarch comes with a bit of bad news. No one makes it out alive! So beware of what you seek and how you want to go about things or perhaps just register for the golden trophy.

England KAP
Editor in Chief
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06/09/1470 Election of Mercia's council : ATOM have obtained the absolute majority of the seats.

LONDON (AAP) – The list Alliance for Transparent and Open Mercia have taken the lead in the Mercia county council election race, and have gained an absolute majority of the seats. They can govern alone.

Result of the vote :

1. "Alliance for Transparent and Open Mercia" (ATOM ) : 100%

The seats of the council have been split in proportion to the election votes:

1 : Matthew. (ATOM )
2 : Eleni_dixon (ATOM )
3 : Ysabelle_ (ATOM )
4 : Amythyst (ATOM )
5 : Vivienne_degrey (ATOM )
6 : Aramath (ATOM )
7 : Peterpan (ATOM )
8 : Marchios (ATOM )
9 : Baldericadder (ATOM )
10 : Jane_myxti (ATOM )
11 : Zulita (ATOM )
12 : Drestakil (ATOM )

The members of the council will recognize the new Count(ess) in two days. The Count(ess) will have to present the county's respects to the King and appoint the councillors to their new positions.



Product Price Variation
Loaf of bread 4.56 -0.28
Fruit 9.92 0
Bag of corn 3.7 0.87
Bottle of milk 9.48 0.11
Fish 20.26 0.06
Piece of meat 12.25 0.13
Bag of wheat 10.89 -0
Bag of flour 12.88 1.64
Hundredweight of cow 20.53 0.33
Ton of stone 10.44 -0
Half-hundredweight of pig 15.41 0.05
Ball of wool 10.86 -0.14
Hide 16.32 -0.06
Coat 49.5 0
Vegetable 9.38 -0.18
Wood bushel 4.19 0.08
Small ladder 20.18 0
Large ladder 68.02 0
Oar 20 -0
Hull 36.49 0
Shaft 8.16 -0.14
Boat 99.33 0.63
Stone 18.32 -0.11
Axe 150.74 0
Ploughshare 38.44 0
Hoe 30 0
Ounce of iron ore 11.52 0.2
Unhooped bucket 21.88 0
Bucket 37.73 0
Knife 17.89 0
Ounce of steel 49.04 -0.06
Unforged axe blade 53.91 0
Axe blade 116.44 0
Blunted axe 127.79 -2.51
Hat 53.38 0.08
Man's shirt 119.57 0.12
Woman's shirt 121.14 0
Waistcoat 141.4 0
Pair of trousers 74.61 -0.09
Mantle 257.82 0
Dress 265.04 -0.2
Man's hose 45.63 -0
Woman's hose 44.32 0
Pair of shoes 27.53 -0.01
Pair of boots 86.57 0
Belt 45.2 -0
Barrel 12.02 0
Pint of beer 0.82 0
Barrel of beer 66.51 2.5
Bottle of wine 1.66 0
Barrel of wine N/A N/A
Bag of hops 19.34 0
Bag of malt 10 0
Sword blade 101.19 0
Unsharpened sword 169.69 0
Sword 146.48 -0.07
Shield 36.91 0
Playing cards 73.55 -0
Cloak 180.72 0
Collar 68.35 -0.06
Skirt 135.35 0
Tunic 222.36 0
Overalls 115.73 0
Corset 117.2 0
Rope belt 53.86 0
Headscarf 60.73 0
Helmet 164.91 0
Toque 48.61 0
Headdress 79.65 0
Poulaine 64.02 0
Cod 11.36 0
Conger eel 12.81 0
Sea bream 18.31 0
Herring 17.43 0
Whiting 17.42 0
Skate 12.16 0
Sole 18.11 0
Tuna 12.51 0
Turbot 18.02 0
Red mullet 16.53 0
Mullet 12.47 -0
Scorpionfish 20.5 0
Salmon 16.51 0
Arctic char 12 0
Grayling 14.77 0
Pike 17.6 0
Catfish N/A N/A
Eel 15.09 0
Carp 17.98 0.03
Gudgeon 17.68 -0.04
Trout 17.51 0
Pound of olives 13.38 0
Pound of grapes 9.18 0
Sack of barley 10.67 0
Half-hundred weight of goat carcasses 18.99 0
Bottle of goat's milk 12.81 0
Tapestry 143.6 0
Bottle of olive oil 121.94 -0
Jar of agave nectar N/A N/A
Bushel of salt 19.89 0
Bar of clay 3.43 -0
Cask of Scotch whisky 93.32 -0
Cask of Irish whiskey 131.27 0
Bottle of ewe's milk 10.57 0
Majolica vase 10 0
Porcelain plate N/A N/A
Ceramic tile N/A N/A
Parma ham 84.97 0
Bayonne ham 34.65 -0
Iberian ham 70.28 0
Black Forest ham 54.72 0
Barrel of cider 51.16 0
Bourgogne wine 76.22 0
Bordeaux wine 60.89 0.31
Champagne wine 141.21 -5.25
Toscana wine 33.69 0
Barrel of porto wine 87.44 0
Barrel of Tokaji 163.71 0
Rioja wine 159.19 0
Barrel of Retsina 36.79 -0
Pot of yoghurt 85.17 -0
Cow's milk cheese 77.07 0
Goat's milk cheese 85.06 2.5
Ewe's milk cheese 52.26 0
Anjou wine 50.88 -0
Ewe carcass 15.03 0
Mast 456.7 0
Small sail 215.71 0
Large sail 838.79 0
Tumbler of pulque N/A N/A
Jar of pulque N/A N/A