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22/01/1469 Herbs' Benefits

Herbs' Benefits

The Sussex Council is currently organizing a herb gathering event. We talked to Dr. Jank also known as "Doctor of Dover" and we asked him benefits of herbs.

1) Thank you for taking the time with me, sir. First of all, could you introduce yourself?

I was born in the small village Launceston. My parents was working for the local landlord there as gardener and my mother as maid. Later we moved to the landlords Mansion in Barnstaple and as it often goes I was following my father in the garden everyday. From here my interest for flowers and plants started. Our landlord Mr. Barnett was very interested in botanic and I was his student from my young years. He learned me to write and the books was about botanic.

Mr. Barnett was studying at the University of Devon and litle me was following him as his servant. I was sitting endless hours hearing about flowers, herbs and their use and effects After some years I was alowwed to participate in the debates at the university and after many years I was a full skilled Physician. I started out as Doctor in a small cottage and soon I had many patients. Later I moved to Dover in Sussex.

2) As it is known, the Sussex Council is holding a herbs gathering event these days. So, what do herbs do? What are herbs' benefits?

Ohh the benefits of herbs are many and different from plant to plant. Some works against headaches other against fever etc. I think we in the nature can find herbs against any illness if we use these herbs correctly(If you take to much you can die).

For me the interesting part is to combine different herbs to a potion which can heal illness. Today we can heal 4 deceases. In the last years the Physician found out to make philters. Those philters gives you an effect in 24 hours, it could make you stronger in Strenght, Charisma, Intelligence and you recover faster, hehe yes, even recover hangovers.

Yes its true that the Sussex Council have a herbs gathering event. The original idea came from one of the best Physician in Sussex Rowan Ashenheart. How about we make alot of philters and put in stock and use them in time of war. Our troops could be stronger and could recover faster after a battle. So now we collect herbs in Sussex.

3) I have understood that some potions give soldiers strength and help heal their wounds. What herbs are needed to make this type of potion?

Ohh you think of philtre of vitebrawn which increase the persons strenght. For that filter you have to mix 30 Majoram potions.

To list up a very long list of receipes for all the Philter would be borring. You can read much
more on Medical College. (Cooperation of all physicians in the world)

Heres the complete list of Philters:
Up-and-at-em: 5 fewer days of unavailablility.
Disintoxication: Significantly reduces level of inebriation.
Vitabrawn: 50 bonus strenght points for 24 hours.
Pixie Dust: 50 bonus Intelligence points for 24 hours.
Freshstart: 50 bonus Charisma points for 24 hours.
Boulassenberg: Allow you to feel smooth very quickly.
Panacea: Increases your fitness.
Hightea: Increases by 1 point the percentage you get when learning at the University.

*Thank you very much Dr. Jank for the informative interview.

David Blackwood for KAP

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19/01/1469 A New Political Party in Mercia

A New Political Party in Mercia

According to the news that received us, we learned a new political party named The Lichfield Sovereignty Party was established in Lichfield by Sir Ealhstan, Lord of Lichfield. Sir Ealhstan is a Mercian citizen residing in Lichfield. Also he is leader of the Lichfield Sovereignty Party. We would like to share with you the information we have obtained about this new political party.

The party advocates autonomy of Lichfield from Council of Mercia and demands that Lichfield should not subject the county laws. These views advocated by the party can pose a danger to Mercian authorities. Also, it is not known exactly what the citizens of Mercia think, but Mayoress of Lichfield Eleni Dixon invited the party leader Ealhstan to the Lichfield Town Council. The party leader said that he could accept this offer. Also he claimed that some rumors about him were intentionally spreading to influence the mayoral election of Lichfield which he was a candidate.

After all that's happened, it was learned that The Lichfield Sovereignty Party leader Ealhstan will go on "Freedom Tour" in February according to the Mercian newspapers. He will go other towns of Mercia and will talk to the citizens about his party's ideas. The party leader pointed out that other Mercian towns must also discuss this matter in order to gain freedom from Mercia's laws.

"I do, however, believe my ideas should be adopted by all towns in Mercia. Sovereignty isn't just some exceptional miracle that happens only in Lichfield, it is there for all. I want to lay the groundwork for other like-minded individuals to take up the baton in their towns so that every town in Mercia can experience freedom. We want a Mercia of towns that are sovereign equals." *

Finally, the party leader criticized the results of the election held for the Council of Mercia. He stated that it was not right that only one list to participate for the election and that not all the people of Mercia were represented. He emphasised that the best solution would be to have other lists participate in the council elections.

* The Lichfield Sovereignty Party HQ

David Blackwood for KAP

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17/01/1469 Election of Devon's council : DU have obtained the absolute majority of the seats.

LONDON (AAP) – The list Devon United have taken the lead in the Devon county council election race, and have gained an absolute majority of the seats. They can govern alone.

Result of the vote :

1. "Devon United" (DU) : 56.3%
2. "Devon For Integrity™" (DFI) : 43.7%

The seats of the council have been split in proportion to the election votes:

1 : Redmilla_passionfire (DU)
2 : Chris.mactire (DU)
3 : Silicon_toad2000 (DU)
4 : Annelancaster (DU)
5 : Tarconia (DU)
6 : Katelyn_hamilton (DU)
7 : Marjaery (DFI)
8 : Emrys. (DFI)
9 : Alysrose (DFI)
10 : Ryofu (DFI)
11 : Delema (DFI)
12 : Dranoel (DU)

The members of the council will recognize the new Count(ess) in two days. The Count(ess) will have to present the county's respects to the King and appoint the councillors to their new positions.

14/01/1469 Spotlight Minutes with Vivienne Degrey

I had been requested by a reader, to ask the lady Vivienne Degrey for an interview. If you are down by Westminster you may have seen her down in the chambers of Parliament or in the English Law library.

Thank you Miss Degrey for coming in today. As you know, I was asked to interview you so that more could be learned about you. Please tell us, where were you born?

Vivienne - I was born in the countryside of Italy outside of Naples. My family was fleeing from there from an invasion by the Kingdom of Sicily. Most of us were split up, as my father, an Englishman, was a mercenary for the King of Naples and my mother was from a well to do English family. As a babe, I was sent to Venice and placed under the protection of the Doge. I left Venice and came to England, first arriving in Penrith in Westmorland after our ship was blown off course and grounded at the beach of Lindisfarne. So even though I have suntanned skin and a slight accent. I am by blood thoroughly English.. descended from the De Phoenix and de Grey families.

That sounds like a start to a good book filled with excitement and intrigue. When you came to England, where did you settle and do you have a profession?

Vivienne - I live in the lovely town of Lichfield in Mercia. I enjoy living there immensely as many de Greys lived there in the past. most notably Saint Gabrielle and her husband, Pieterjan. After settling in and changing fields a few times, I settled on becoming a sculptor, which I find rather rewarding.

You appear to be a very busy lady in all that you do. What type of hobbies do you have?

Vivienne - I love going to University and puttering around in my studio. I love creating porcelains and crafting glazes. I have a fully stocked china works in Lichfield and a budding studio at Compton-Wynyates.

A studio for porcelain works sounds like a busy endeavour. I have to stop by sometime to see some of your pieces. What about your home, can you tell us a little about it?

Vivienne - My home is a rather exquisite manor house in Lichfield. Of course, there is also Compton-Wynyates, quite the fancy fortified manor house in the country.

It seems to me, you travel back and forth a lot between your manor and home in Lichfield. Have you ever travelled outside of England?

Vivienne - Besides what travel I did to get to England, I have not left since arriving. I see no need to. I love living in England.

Home is where you are comfortable the most and it seems you do enjoy England. You have been noted to be a part of the judicial system in Mercia. How long have you been interested in the judicial system? Do you have a memorable case and who is your favourite defendant in court? Why are they your favourite?

Vivienne - Law has always held my interest.. mostly in the application, but also in drafting. I guess, hmm, I was in my early teens when I began being interested in the justice system when reading the writing of Scaevola and a much later counterpart, Irnerius.

My most memorable case? I have two. It would be disingenuous to not state prosecuting a sitting Monarch was memorable but at the same time, I also prosecuted a sitting Count. It was the appeal of that case that I found most memorable, even if I lost the appeal.

My favourite defendant would be Fordo. He made court fun, even if it was serious business being attended to. A very charming rapscallion indeed.

A monarch and a count? Both cases sound interesting. I am sure it may have been a bit nerve-wracking for you. I see that you ran for the monarch position, can you tell us what you learned from that? As you seem to be a peer, can you tell us an important lesson learned from that?

Vivienne - I learned short concise answers are better than speaking at great length. The shorter and simpler keeps attention and opens the door for clarifying remarks. As a peer, can't say I learned anything positive, sadly.

Sooner or later a lesson will appear as a positive. Sometimes it takes time to manifest itself for us to see it. I have one last question for you. One that perhaps many are waiting to hear about. Has anyone stolen your heart or are you a single lady?

Vivienne - I am very single.. never have been married, though I was engaged before coming to England. He passed before the banns were over. As for my heart, I shan't say, but there are a few eligible, and some non-eligible, gentleman who have caught my eye either through looks or wit.

You are charming, witty and beautiful. I am sure someday someone will fall so deep for you they could not breathe without you. Thank you for your time and for allowing us a look into your life.

Kallist0 for KAP
Editor in Chief
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14/01/1469 Who Are The Turks Attacking Sussex?

In this interview, we talked to Captainteach the High Admiral of the Masiva Navy. We talked about the Masiva Family's relationship with ONE and the Kingdom of England. This interview will also give an idea of ​​the future relations between the Ottoman Empire and the Kingdom of England.

*Thank you for your time. First of all, could you introduce yourself briefly?

I'm Captainteach aka Vercingetorix. I lost my mother during the birth and my father at a very young age. I have spent my whole life in the Sanjak of Bursa, Ottoman Empire and I am thinking of living in Bursa for a longer period of time. While I was interested in politics and land warfares before, I decided to improve myself in the field of seafaring after joining the Mâsiva Family. That's why my name is Captainteach.

*What could you say about Masiva Family? I understood that you are dealing with seafaring. So what kind of seafaring activities do you perform? What is the place of Masiva Family in Ottoman politics and military?

Masiva Family is a family that continues its political, military and economic activities in the Sanjak of Bursa, Ottoman Empire with its nearly 30 members. Our family, which has strong connections on domestic and abroad, follows the Balkan geography closely because our family has a say in Ottoman politics. Our priority in politics is to manage Bursa Sanjak in the best manner and get along well with our neighbors. Perhaps we have the most strategic and easiest to defend capital city in the world. For this reason, we have developed ourselves in maritime. We are the most important part of the Ottoman military. Because we have armies sealed by Wallachia. Also our family has a lot members. Our activities at sea consist only of increasing the quantity of Battle Carracks we own. Because we are more interested in the administration of Bursa. Our future plans are to form the great Ottoman Navy and to use this strong navy actively.

*You said that your armies have Wallachia's seal. What kind of relationship do you have with Wallachia? Is it possible to talk about ONE when you say Walahia?

I can say that as the relationship between Walahia and Bursa Sanjak or between ONE and Masiva. I and my friends have been doing politics in Bursa for a long time. Our friendly relations with the ONE started years before the establishment of the Mâsivâ Family and over time became an alliance. After the establishment of the Mâsiva Family, these relations were continued and they were adopted by all Mâsiva members. As we currently have military and economic cooperation, our political views and enemies are also common. It is because we have common enemies that cause us to be allies. To give an example of the relationship between Wallachia and Bursa, ONE built its warships in Gemlik(capital of Bursa) port because it did not have a suitable port. On the other hand to avoid the cost of prestige, we use the Wallachia seal in our armies. It is possible to multiply such examples. In short, the alliance relationship between us is as it should be. Also, I think that the continuation of this relationship will benefit both ONE and Masiva.

*It is known that ships belonging to Masiva Family played a role in ONE's attack on Sussex County of the Kingdom of England. Why, as Masiva Family, did you attack England, which was far from the Ottoman Empire? Do you see England as your enemy? How would you evaluate the future of relations between the Kingdom of England and the Ottoman Empire?

Although we do not have a backward-looking hostility with England, because of the dispute between England and some of our friends from north, ships in Sussex ports were attacked. We took part in this attack because we are part of the allied fleet. As far as I know, there has been no contact between England and the Ottoman Empire for years. It happens every 10 years for countries on two different sides of the world to conflict together, and it coincides with us.

*What is the organization or state that you refer to as my friends in the north? Could the Kingsman Clan be one of them?

I do not want to answer this question if possible.

*Well, thank you again for the interview.

David Blackwood for KAP

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Product Price Variation
Loaf of bread 4.56 -0.28
Fruit 9.92 0
Bag of corn 3.7 0.87
Bottle of milk 9.48 0.11
Fish 20.26 0.06
Piece of meat 12.25 0.13
Bag of wheat 10.89 -0
Bag of flour 12.88 1.64
Hundredweight of cow 20.53 0.33
Ton of stone 10.44 -0
Half-hundredweight of pig 15.41 0.05
Ball of wool 10.86 -0.14
Hide 16.32 -0.06
Coat 49.5 0
Vegetable 9.38 -0.18
Wood bushel 4.19 0.08
Small ladder 20.18 0
Large ladder 68.02 0
Oar 20 -0
Hull 36.49 0
Shaft 8.16 -0.14
Boat 99.33 0.63
Stone 18.32 -0.11
Axe 150.74 0
Ploughshare 38.44 0
Hoe 30 0
Ounce of iron ore 11.52 0.2
Unhooped bucket 21.88 0
Bucket 37.73 0
Knife 17.89 0
Ounce of steel 49.04 -0.06
Unforged axe blade 53.91 0
Axe blade 116.44 0
Blunted axe 127.79 -2.51
Hat 53.38 0.08
Man's shirt 119.57 0.12
Woman's shirt 121.14 0
Waistcoat 141.4 0
Pair of trousers 74.61 -0.09
Mantle 257.82 0
Dress 265.04 -0.2
Man's hose 45.63 -0
Woman's hose 44.32 0
Pair of shoes 27.53 -0.01
Pair of boots 86.57 0
Belt 45.2 -0
Barrel 12.02 0
Pint of beer 0.82 0
Barrel of beer 66.51 2.5
Bottle of wine 1.66 0
Barrel of wine N/A N/A
Bag of hops 19.34 0
Bag of malt 10 0
Sword blade 101.19 0
Unsharpened sword 169.69 0
Sword 146.48 -0.07
Shield 36.91 0
Playing cards 73.55 -0
Cloak 180.72 0
Collar 68.35 -0.06
Skirt 135.35 0
Tunic 222.36 0
Overalls 115.73 0
Corset 117.2 0
Rope belt 53.86 0
Headscarf 60.73 0
Helmet 164.91 0
Toque 48.61 0
Headdress 79.65 0
Poulaine 64.02 0
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Conger eel 12.81 0
Sea bream 18.31 0
Herring 17.43 0
Whiting 17.42 0
Skate 12.16 0
Sole 18.11 0
Tuna 12.51 0
Turbot 18.02 0
Red mullet 16.53 0
Mullet 12.47 -0
Scorpionfish 20.5 0
Salmon 16.51 0
Arctic char 12 0
Grayling 14.77 0
Pike 17.6 0
Catfish N/A N/A
Eel 15.09 0
Carp 17.98 0.03
Gudgeon 17.68 -0.04
Trout 17.51 0
Pound of olives 13.38 0
Pound of grapes 9.18 0
Sack of barley 10.67 0
Half-hundred weight of goat carcasses 18.99 0
Bottle of goat's milk 12.81 0
Tapestry 143.6 0
Bottle of olive oil 121.94 -0
Jar of agave nectar N/A N/A
Bushel of salt 19.89 0
Bar of clay 3.43 -0
Cask of Scotch whisky 93.32 -0
Cask of Irish whiskey 131.27 0
Bottle of ewe's milk 10.57 0
Majolica vase 10 0
Porcelain plate N/A N/A
Ceramic tile N/A N/A
Parma ham 84.97 0
Bayonne ham 34.65 -0
Iberian ham 70.28 0
Black Forest ham 54.72 0
Barrel of cider 51.16 0
Bourgogne wine 76.22 0
Bordeaux wine 60.89 0.31
Champagne wine 141.21 -5.25
Toscana wine 33.69 0
Barrel of porto wine 87.44 0
Barrel of Tokaji 163.71 0
Rioja wine 159.19 0
Barrel of Retsina 36.79 -0
Pot of yoghurt 85.17 -0
Cow's milk cheese 77.07 0
Goat's milk cheese 85.06 2.5
Ewe's milk cheese 52.26 0
Anjou wine 50.88 -0
Ewe carcass 15.03 0
Mast 456.7 0
Small sail 215.71 0
Large sail 838.79 0
Tumbler of pulque N/A N/A
Jar of pulque N/A N/A