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09/06/1471 Election of Sussex's council : IJC have obtained the absolute majority of the seats.

LONDON (AAP) – The list Integrity-Justice-Cooperation have taken the lead in the Sussex county council election race, and have gained an absolute majority of the seats. They can govern alone.

Result of the vote :

1. "Integrity-Justice-Cooperation" (IJC) : 100%

The seats of the council have been split in proportion to the election votes:

1 : Zdzislawa (IJC)
2 : Helenn (IJC)
3 : Kendros (IJC)
4 : Gikanos (IJC)
5 : Emil111 (IJC)
6 : Arthur_the_younger (IJC)
7 : Jacklionheart (IJC)
8 : Aeneia (IJC)
9 : Sese (IJC)
10 : Medullisa (IJC)
11 : Aminus_llewellynn (IJC)
12 : Dragoslava (IJC)

The members of the council will recognize the new Count(ess) in two days. The Count(ess) will have to present the county's respects to the King and appoint the councillors to their new positions.

04/06/1471 The Start of a New Monarchy

Kingdoms Associated Press - London,England

The election of the monarch closed in the second round on May 20 1471. With an overwhelming 71.48% of the votes for Kei Rondoval Sharpe. and his heir Eddward Williams. The monarch has been seen all over the tower and Parliament as well as the London Commons but the heir does not seem to be making any public appearances. The last he was seen in public was 15 May.

In his election campaign, then-potential candidate Kei promised to do many things. As do all candidates when they wish to gain the favour of the vote.

Once he had the keys for all of the areas needed by a monarch he began running around setting up multiple discussions. One can say that is a good start however we may have seen this before which led to serious slowdowns and no activity within England from the monarch figure. Let's hope this does not happen again.

So far what we see from the promises being implemented are some activities to raise more money for the treasury which prior to the end of the election was recorded as having 109,000 pounds. This fundraiser auction is being done for the expansion of the Royal English Navy. All this before the coronation began!

If you would like to take a glimpse of the coronation you may find it starting at Westminster Abbey on 6 June.

England KAP
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21/05/1471 Result of the second round of the election

Result of the second round of the election

kei has become the new sovereign of Kingdom of England with 71.48 % of the votes!

14/05/1471 Results of the first round

Results of the first round :

kei35.05 %
reveille29.33 %
vivienne_degrey23.62 %
stonedpeter.markov6.19 %
the_count5.44 %
matilda0.37 %

kei and reveille advance to the second round.

13/05/1471 Intl. News - Sultan Plasebo Ottoman Empire

Kingdoms Associated Press - International Offices in England

The day began with a trip to the International KAP offices. As you know, dear readers, we have to attend to duties there on occasion. I was surprised to see the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire there. His name is Plasebo and he was elected on 12 April 1471.

The Ottoman Empire has had fights and wars for many years but recently Sutlan Plasebo took to his people and gave a speech that might inspire them to keep fighting the good fight. I sat down with him to understand his side of the story. He is a pleasant man, who seemed genuinely concerned about the fate of the Ottoman Empire. He first declared this inspiring message to his kingdom.


Now I wear my Ottoman Empire identity as Sultan. An identity I have worn with honor for years. For years I have worked for my country in every town, in every mine.

I have been its sword.
I have been its shield.
I have taken blows.
I have shed blood.

I miss the daily problems. I miss worrying about the yield of wheat in my field. I miss being excited about the survival of my cattle. I know you miss these things too. For years you have endured oppression. For years you remained silent in the face of the oppressor. You have lost what makes you who you are. You lost your country, your city, your freedom. We were lost too.

Our desires are the same.
Our happiness is the same.
Our longings are the same.

Today we are on the front line to reclaim all that makes us the same. It is no longer the day of the Saruhanli Family or the Ottoman Empire. Today is the day of the citizens of dozens of countries who fought shoulder to shoulder. We may not be side by side in our victories against the ONE organization, starting from Gallipoli. However, whenever you are, you can be a partner in these glorious victories, even if you have only a stick in your hand. Why??

Because Today is the day of those who learned life by themselves in a nameless, dead city!

Today is the day to be a sword on the heads of those who can’t enjoy the sunrise and want to take away that pleasure from everyone!

Today is the day to be a sword in the heart of those who help the devil and live in sin!

Today is the day of those who are loyal to their homelands!!

Today is the day of heroes!!

We are at the front for those who are silenced!
We are at the front for those who are oppressed!
We are at the place where we will die once and be born a thousand times!! Heroes can never die!! They can only be reborn!!

Don’t be afraid!! Don’t be fooled by those who tell you to be afraid. The ONE should be afraid!! We were not afraid and Mediterranean and Danube were saved. We stood upright. We shot and destroyed all their frigates. We roared and they were cornered! Now, we stand up and they are looking for a hole in Edirne to hide!!

So, stand up and show yourself!! Have you forgotten who you are??

Today is the day to fight for your honor!! They stole it from you. Take it back!!
Today is the day to fight for your freedom!! You deserve it!
Today is the day to die with honor if it’s necessary to die!!

Wherever there is ONE group, rebel!! Fight them!! Defend yourselves!!
The Aegis Alliance is coming, refusing to remain silent to the oppression. The Ottomans are coming. Greece, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia is coming. The alliance of the free people is coming.

Freedom begins Today!!

May God forgive the souls of those who stood on the "one" side.

I asked him if he would allow me to interview him and he gave England KAP the affirmative. Taking no time, I sat down with him to ask the questions I thought many others wanted answers to.

✍️ KAP
How long has the people of the Ottoman Empire been fighting against this group, O.N.E. (Ordo Negrum Equites) ?

Taking advantage of the internal conflicts that started in 1469, ONE entered Edirne in January 1470. Since then, there have been several skirmishes. However, our land operations were not successful. In this process, we raided the Greek port of St. George, then raided the ports of Edirne and destroyed a total of 23 warships and destroyed their naval forces. There are 5 warships that they have rebuilt in recent months. They were able to kidnap 35 soldiers who could now enter those ships. The rest are a day away and they are running away.

This escape ended in the Greek capital of Serres. Knowing we were following them, they destroyed half their army. With the remaining two armies, they fled into the city of Serres. It has strong walls. But we have no tolerance. Wherever this organisation goes, we will take the war there.

✍️ KAP
Are there any factions (known not ones that might need to be kept secret) that are helping in this fight? If yes, who are they?

We formed an alliance called Aegis. In that alliance, there are groups from surrounding countries such as Bulgaria, Poland, Bosnia, Sicily, Venice, Albania. The Ottoman Empire is fighting with all its citizens both to clear the region and for every city where ONE exists.

✍️ KAP
Have you suffered any losses?

You cannot win without losing. We've lost patience. We've lost tolerance. We'll lose a few soldiers attacking the militants. But our soldiers are all believers. The sword can't harm the believers. We replace each wounded soldier with more soldiers. They are hiding behind walls, but no wall can stop a nation burning with the fire of freedom.

✍️ KAP
What is different today that led you to victory, than what happened in the past? Are there more citizens, more interest or more motivation?

Communication and similar problems bring large masses together. Today, if we are able to act as a multinational organisation, it is because of our common problems and communication successes. This is how the AEGIS alliance was formed.
Apart from the alliance, I want to reach out to all the news agencies I can reach. I want to do this in order to explain what I mentioned as a common problem. We know how this disgusting organisation works. They wanted to implement it in Edirne and they were slapped by us. They want to enslave. They insult. I am talking about an organisation that tramples on human dignity.

What would you do if they swear at you when you give them 50 corn less? Or if you can't maintain control in your country? This is where we say with the strongest voice: We are here. For you. Stand up for your honour and pride. That's why I have to publicise my manifesto.

Many times in the past we have come to Serres to fight the Greeks. Today we are in Serres again and we are hitting the walls. But today and always the Greeks are my brothers. We are hitting to kill the rats behind the walls. Tomorrow, in a different castle, we will catch them. And again we will say with the loudest voice: "O! Honourable people. Rise and fight. Fight for yourself. Fight for your freedom."

✍️ KAP
What would you like to see as the outcome of the situation that is happening now?

I don't want to see any country crushed under different organisations. I don't want every citizen of every country to live in fear of humiliation. I want to see a world of freedom and peace.

There are a few bandits on the roads between towns. We get angry because they steal our labour and we want them to be prosecuted. When dozens of bandits get together, we kill and judge them with an army. But what do we do if hundreds of bandits get together? We will come against them with nations that believe in freedom and justice. We will split the heavens and tear the earth asunder, and we will bring the world down on their heads. That's the result I'm looking for.

✍️ KAP
Thank you Sultan Plasebo, for your words and inspiration to others.

As just a common person, who toils in her field and attends my KAP office weekly, I can say one thing about all of this. If there is injustice anywhere, it is a threat to justice everywhere. Whatever affects one person or country can affect us all indirectly. So please, speak out against all forms of injustice to yourselves and others. This sets an example, for our future generations.

England KAP
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Product Price Variation
Loaf of bread 4.56 -0.28
Fruit 9.92 0
Bag of corn 3.7 0.87
Bottle of milk 9.48 0.11
Fish 20.26 0.06
Piece of meat 12.25 0.13
Bag of wheat 10.89 -0
Bag of flour 12.88 1.64
Hundredweight of cow 20.53 0.33
Ton of stone 10.44 -0
Half-hundredweight of pig 15.41 0.05
Ball of wool 10.86 -0.14
Hide 16.32 -0.06
Coat 49.5 0
Vegetable 9.38 -0.18
Wood bushel 4.19 0.08
Small ladder 20.18 0
Large ladder 68.02 0
Oar 20 -0
Hull 36.49 0
Shaft 8.16 -0.14
Boat 99.33 0.63
Stone 18.32 -0.11
Axe 150.74 0
Ploughshare 38.44 0
Hoe 30 0
Ounce of iron ore 11.52 0.2
Unhooped bucket 21.88 0
Bucket 37.73 0
Knife 17.89 0
Ounce of steel 49.04 -0.06
Unforged axe blade 53.91 0
Axe blade 116.44 0
Blunted axe 127.79 -2.51
Hat 53.38 0.08
Man's shirt 119.57 0.12
Woman's shirt 121.14 0
Waistcoat 141.4 0
Pair of trousers 74.61 -0.09
Mantle 257.82 0
Dress 265.04 -0.2
Man's hose 45.63 -0
Woman's hose 44.32 0
Pair of shoes 27.53 -0.01
Pair of boots 86.57 0
Belt 45.2 -0
Barrel 12.02 0
Pint of beer 0.82 0
Barrel of beer 66.51 2.5
Bottle of wine 1.66 0
Barrel of wine N/A N/A
Bag of hops 19.34 0
Bag of malt 10 0
Sword blade 101.19 0
Unsharpened sword 169.69 0
Sword 146.48 -0.07
Shield 36.91 0
Playing cards 73.55 -0
Cloak 180.72 0
Collar 68.35 -0.06
Skirt 135.35 0
Tunic 222.36 0
Overalls 115.73 0
Corset 117.2 0
Rope belt 53.86 0
Headscarf 60.73 0
Helmet 164.91 0
Toque 48.61 0
Headdress 79.65 0
Poulaine 64.02 0
Cod 11.36 0
Conger eel 12.81 0
Sea bream 18.31 0
Herring 17.43 0
Whiting 17.42 0
Skate 12.16 0
Sole 18.11 0
Tuna 12.51 0
Turbot 18.02 0
Red mullet 16.53 0
Mullet 12.47 -0
Scorpionfish 20.5 0
Salmon 16.51 0
Arctic char 12 0
Grayling 14.77 0
Pike 17.6 0
Catfish N/A N/A
Eel 15.09 0
Carp 17.98 0.03
Gudgeon 17.68 -0.04
Trout 17.51 0
Pound of olives 13.38 0
Pound of grapes 9.18 0
Sack of barley 10.67 0
Half-hundred weight of goat carcasses 18.99 0
Bottle of goat's milk 12.81 0
Tapestry 143.6 0
Bottle of olive oil 121.94 -0
Jar of agave nectar N/A N/A
Bushel of salt 19.89 0
Bar of clay 3.43 -0
Cask of Scotch whisky 93.32 -0
Cask of Irish whiskey 131.27 0
Bottle of ewe's milk 10.57 0
Majolica vase 10 0
Porcelain plate N/A N/A
Ceramic tile N/A N/A
Parma ham 84.97 0
Bayonne ham 34.65 -0
Iberian ham 70.28 0
Black Forest ham 54.72 0
Barrel of cider 51.16 0
Bourgogne wine 76.22 0
Bordeaux wine 60.89 0.31
Champagne wine 141.21 -5.25
Toscana wine 33.69 0
Barrel of porto wine 87.44 0
Barrel of Tokaji 163.71 0
Rioja wine 159.19 0
Barrel of Retsina 36.79 -0
Pot of yoghurt 85.17 -0
Cow's milk cheese 77.07 0
Goat's milk cheese 85.06 2.5
Ewe's milk cheese 52.26 0
Anjou wine 50.88 -0
Ewe carcass 15.03 0
Mast 456.7 0
Small sail 215.71 0
Large sail 838.79 0
Tumbler of pulque N/A N/A
Jar of pulque N/A N/A