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17/10/1469 Election of Sussex's council : UP have obtained the absolute majority of the seats.

LONDON (AAP) – The list Unity and Prosperity have taken the lead in the Sussex county council election race, and have gained an absolute majority of the seats. They can govern alone.

Result of the vote :

1. "Unity and Prosperity" (UP) : 100%

The seats of the council have been split in proportion to the election votes:

1 : Helenn (UP)
2 : Lyric (UP)
3 : Aminus_llewellynn (UP)
4 : Jacklionheart (UP)
5 : Tarentella (UP)
6 : Holabar (UP)
7 : Aeneia (UP)
8 : Kragomir (UP)
9 : Angelius (UP)
10 : Arthur_the_younger (UP)
11 : Sese (UP)
12 : Cerculetze (UP)

The members of the council will recognize the new Count(ess) in two days. The Count(ess) will have to present the county's respects to the King and appoint the councillors to their new positions.

13/10/1469 The Closely Contested Council Election in Westmorland

The Closely Contested Council Election in Westmorland

The fact that two political lists are competing in the Westmorland council elections after a long break can be described as a significant development for the county. As the importance of competition for progress in democracies is an undeniable fact.

We would like to share with you the election promises of the lists led by Lady Zulita and Lord Rominus.

The election slogan of the list named Prosperity and Security for Westmorland (PSW), led by Lady Zulita, is as follows;

"Greetings everyone! We are very excited to be running again to serve as your council! Over the past four months, we have worked to reevaluate council and county policies, increase county activity, and to become more accessible to our citizens! Join us for another term, as we work for the prosperity and security for Westmorland! If you have any questions, please never hesitate to reach out!"

The election slogan of the list called Keeping Westmorland Safe (KWS), led by Lord Rominus, is as follows;

"Security, Economy, Activity! These have been the core tenets of our list through many councils and will continue to be for many more. We are here to serve the people of Westmorland, all people. We have brought together a group of citizens from all corners of the county in order to provide a well rounded approach to governing. We are here to serve you and welcome any and all input the citizens of the county may have. We will perform our duties as your councilors with the utmost transparency. We are here, long time citizens for Westmorland, once again ready to serve. Reach out with any request, concerns, or ideas. We would love to hear from you all!"

We can witness that two lists are competing in the elections also creates excitement among the people of Westmorland. The high turnout in the opinion poll conducted by a Westmorland citizen is the most important proof of this. According to the public opinion poll, Lord Rominus's list currently leads with 47%. Lady Zulita's list has 43% of the votes. Undecideds are at 8%.

Finally, we wanted to share the views of both leaders, but just because Lady Zulita has returned to us, we can share only her message with you.

"We are very excited to be running to serve as Westmorland's County Council once more! The Prosperity and Security for Westmorland list (PSW) has worked tirelessly over the past four months to review county and council policies, increase activity within our county, work with our fellow counties to improve national and local prestige, and become more transparent and accessible to our citizens! We want to thank those who have supported us throughout our journey and we look forward to seeing what this election has in store! If there are any comments, questions or concerns, please never hesitate to write to Zulita."

We wish success to both lists in the elections. You can learn the results of this election, which is going to be a very contentious election, via KAP after a week.

Healthy days!

David Blackwood for KAP
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02/10/1469 Fresh Blood for Lewes Municipality

Fresh Blood for Lewes Municipality

When we look at the short history of Lewes, one of the largest towns in England, we see that Queen Alexandria was the mayoress of Lewes before she became Queen. Afterwards, Helenn Whitehall carried out this task for a long time. Many candidates have run for mayor so far but Miss Helenn managed to become mayoress at every turn. However, she did not become a candidate in the elections held in September and it became clear that a new mayor would be elected.

In September's elections, after a long hiatus, someone different was elected as the new mayor of Lewes. He also runs a tavern in Lewes. He is an experienced politician loved by the Lewesians due to his sincere and nice conversations. In the past, he took part in many positions in the county council, especially as a Count of Sussex. He currently also serves as a Sussex Court Judge. Yes, we're talking about Sir Jack Lionheart Corleone. He has a message for you.

"Greetings and Hello to all the KAP readers!

To begin with I would like to congratulate myself with David Blackwood, as I see he's doing a great job as journalist, I never saw another one so passionate and so enthusiast of doing this job!

In addition, to inform you about the current Lewes situation, our economy is running smoothly, also Lewes town hall tavern is filled of beers and bread that await only for KAP readers to try and taste them!

Futhermore I'm going to take advantage of this interview to say few words, as most of you know my term as town mayor is almost going to its end, it has been a pleasure to me to be serving at the town hall Lewes even for once and I would like to thank all the people that let me do it, I will always keep you all and Lewes in my heart <3

In conclusion, about the upcoming future, I heard there will be an halloween festival soon in town, so stay tuned with the most entartaining town of all the kingdoms ;)


Jack Lionheart Corleone"

We thank him for his service so far and wish him good luck if he will run for the next Lewes mayoral election again.

David Blackwood for KAP
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01/10/1469 One pound fine sheds light in London

✍️ I originally wrote this for publication on 15 September 1469, but the International area had some issues that needed a bit of clay and stone to fix it back up. We are now back in business!

Have you been to London recently? There is a debate that a one-pound fine addressed at the Court of Appeals has turned England upside down with controversy. Out of all this in the attack against the monarch, we as a whole in England have discovered some shadowy things happening in some institutions across the land.

The Court of Appeals is where a person may go if they feel their trial was unfair. In fact, the mandate of that Court of Appeals is to ensure that justice served in the County Courts is correct. Yet, what happens when many issues in one case show that the Court of Appeals is not operating as it should be? The House of Parliament and House of Lords look into the discrepancy of things that happened in that case and the operations of the highest court of England.

The Court of Appeals in England is the only one of its kind in our realm. Ireland opened one, however it was closed. Sources say that it was closed recently by a vote in Dublin Castle, Magnum Concilium. Scotland used to have one but according to Gabria a longtime citizen of Girvan, Scotland, it no longer does. She said:

No we no longer have a court of appeals, our CoA was short-lived. It was tied to the parliament, and without a government to select a Chief Justice, it was closed down.

The case, Julianna Taldus v. County of Sussex accepted on 16 July 1469. The case, the first for the Chief Justice Ysabelle Stewart was to become the case that brought to light issues in The Court of Appeals. Some remark that the Court of Appeals has allowed itself to be used as a political tool and lacks neutrality it should have when serving justice to the English Courts and its people.

In response to this case, many members of Parliament and the house of lords are debating the situation. In response, two counties are or have discussed the roles in which their Justice representatives have taken. The County of Sussex has already removed Justice Bekah from her position with a weeks time of deliberation and vote to satisfy the requirements to remove the representative. Since the writing of this, she has appealed the vote with the House of Parliament which did not support her appeal.

The widow of Richard Dorcester as well as Countess of Westmorland, Zulita received a complaint on 3 September about a justice from their county Since then, Westmorland is still in discussion about the complaint brought to them. The House of Parliament is awaiting Westmorlads discussion but has since started a debate on the alleged bullying by Justice Kei Rondoval.

They have also invited the newly appointed Chief Justice Bastian Dorcester to weigh in on the situation in the Court of Appeals. Bastian, a fairly new name in England, is the son of the late King, Richard Dorcester. His first public appearance was about a year ago, shortly before his father, then king, passed away. His first record of a council position and thereafter shows no service in the legal department in the county of Mercia. Despite no experience in public with either justice or embassy work, they promoted him into both positions of Chief Justice and Royal Embassy Chancellor.

Recently, the prior Chief Justice, Ysabelle Stewart, has been giving her side of the story of what happened and what possibly went wrong with the Court of Appeals. I reached out to her, and she agreed to answer a few questions.

✍️ KAP When you applied to be a justice for the COA, did you have any experience as a lawyer in England?

No. I have always been intrigued by the law, and I have studied cases, read through a ton of transcripts, and paid attention. Most of the law is common sense, the rest I learned on the job. It has been a very large learning curve, but I have a very good support system I can always run to with questions.

✍️ KAP As the evidence is being gathered about the COA, have you seen any discrepancy in what is being presented to what had happened in the COA when you were there?

The only discrepancy I found was the discussions prior to the hearing. There were days of going back and forth concerning the objection over my appointment as Lead Justice, and none of those transcripts were published. I cannot know Bastien’s mind, but I would imagine he thought these had nothing to do with the hearing or the decision. However, much of this has been made public, and as anyone who takes the time to scroll through it can see, it very much had to do with the verdict.

✍️ KAP Why did you resign from the COA?

There were many reasons I decided to resign, and it was not a decision I made lightly. I had heard about the reputation of the CoA for bias and corruption before I joined, and I was disturbed. I wanted to help change this by introducing new procedures, revamping the Charter and IRC, and in general, bringing it up-to-date with our current times. I was hampered, however, by bullying, intimidation tactics, and personal attacks. All of these things I could handle, but the last straw was the verdict for the Queen’s hearing. It was so blatantly biased that I was shocked and disgusted. At that point, I decided I could not do anything for the CoA from the inside, but maybe I could put my time to better use elsewhere. I waited for the verdict to be announced then I handed in my resignation. It turned out to be very gratuitous timing, as that day Bastien was taking over as Chief Justice, so my absence left no void in that respect.

✍️ KAP Do you feel COA needs more oversight than what is happening now? By this I mean it is not actually accountable by anyone. Both hold the justices accountable for the county and HOP.

I feel the CoA definitely needs more oversight and monitoring. At present, there is none. Yes, there is a process in place for complaints either to the County Council of the Justice, or the HoP, but it is only when something seriously wrong happens that this system is used. The quarterly evaluations are, in my opinion, a busy-work project that has no real impact. These are peer reviews, and reflect the prevailing climate more than any real insight. As a reform, I would suggest that the Justices can only serve two 3-month terms per 12 month period. Also, an impartial party should do reviews of the Justices, their decisions, and their behavior, perhaps every six months. There should also be a more streamlined process for removing Justices, with who has the power to do so clearly stated. I also feel that the HoL should not have any sway or influence over the CoA. The HoL is a crown appointed institution. The CoA is appointed by the people by way of Councils and the HoP. The two are very different entities, and should be kept separate. But these are just my ramblings.

✍️ KAPWhat do you think would be the best outcome from all this investigation into the COA?

I would hope that some sweeping reforms are made, such as the ones I’ve suggested. I would also hope that there is a better process implemented for choosing Justices, Chief Justices, and Deputy Chief Justices, to keep one faction from gaining control of the CoA for long periods of time. Perhaps all of the Justices on the current Roster should be recalled, and a fresh roster begun with more precise, clear guidelines as to what is expected of them. In any case, I feel that whatever the outcome, the CoA will be changed from what it is today, for better or worse remains to be seen.

✍️ KAPThe newly appointed Chief Justice has had no experience in law, not in council yet has sped up his status from being a yokel to the Chancellor of the Royal Embassy and the Chief Justice. Would you say this is because of the nepotism we see across England more now than ever?

I cannot say as to his experience as Chancellor, however, I would say yes, that is why he has shot to Chief Justice within such a short space of time. There was no time for him to gain any experience or knowledge, he was judged based on his father’s reputation. Of course, I also was appointed as Chief Justice after only a relatively short period, but that was due to my predecessor’s resignation, not my lineage or family.

✍️ KAP The newly appointed Chief Justice has had no experience in law, not in council records of Mercia, yet has sped up his status from being a yokel to the Chancellor of the Royal Embassy and the Chief Justice. Would you say this is because of the nepotism we see across England more now than ever?

I cannot say as to his experience as Chancellor, however, I would say yes, that is why he has shot to Chief Justice within such a short space of time. There was no time for him to gain any experience or knowledge, he was judged based on his father’s reputation. Of course, I also was appointed as Chief Justice after only a relatively short period, but that was due to my predecessor’s resignation, not my lineage or family.

This is still ongoing in the House of Parliament and House of Lords with discussions on how to fix the laws and system to make things better. Head on over to Westminster to listen to the debates.

England KAP
Editor in Chief
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30/09/1469 The Most Crowded City in the World: Montpellier

The Most Crowded City in the World: Montpellier

First of all, I would like to wish all my audience and everyone healthy days. I haven't been able to write any articles for KAP for a long time. Being a politician is a really tiring job and can cause you to disrupt your other duties. But I finally got the time to write this article. In this article, I will tell you about Montpellier, France, the largest city in the world, where my son currently resides there. Thanks to our homing pigeon networks, which we have established in France, Genoa and the Ottoman Empire, we can communicate with each other. Do not ask the secret of this business, I will not disclose it. :))

The population of Montpellier, which is the capital of the Comté du Languedoc province of France, is 296 according to official records. However, according to my son, there are at least 350 people actively living in the city. It's really crowded. So, is there enough food in the market of such a big and crowded city? Let's read what my son wrote.

“When I first moved from Genoa to Montpellier, I first rented a bakery shop and started working. The prices of the loaves of bread I produced were much more expensive than in Genoa and, as far as I know, in England, but I could very easily sell about 40 loaves of bread in the same day. The high demand for bags of flour had also increased the prices them and while I was baking, I had a lot of trouble finding bags of flour in the market recently. Wheat production was enough, but the millers could not produce flour for the bakers.

Worried that there would be a famine, the bazaar authority of the municipality of Montpeiller asked me to rent a mill owned by the municipality and start producing flour there. Of course, I did not refuse this request and started to produce flour by renting the municipality's mill. The bags of flour I produced were sold on the same day. Thus, we prevented the lack of bread in the bazaar.

There may also be some problems with corn from time to, but the production of other foodstuffs such as meat, fish or vegetables is at a sufficient level and there is no shortage of them."

In such a crowded city, the mayoral elections are of course the most curious issue. First of all, let's state that all mayoral elections are going to the second round. So how many people are becoming candidates for mayor? According to the letter from my son, 13 people became candidates in the last mayoralty elections. I guess it's a number we can't even imagine for England. It is possible to say that while the majority of the English people are apolitical, the French people are closely interested in politics. Likewise, we know that at least four political parties participated in the county council elections in the Comté du Languedoc.

I would like to mention something that the readers of Lewes might wonder about: The number of taverns. First of all, let us emphasise that no tax is collected from the taverns by the county. This is one of the biggest factors in a large number of taverns. According to the information given by my son, there are at least 40 taverns in the city, and we understand that on some nights at least three of them are completely full and the others are working. It is a very active and vibrant city indeed. Since it is also a port city, it is a centre frequently visited by foreign traders.

In this article, I tried to introduce Montpeiller, the most populous city in the world, as much as I could. If you want to visit this city famous for its olive oil as well, a long and dangerous journey awaits you.

David Blackwood for KAP

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Product Price Variation
Loaf of bread 4.56 -0.28
Fruit 9.92 0
Bag of corn 3.7 0.87
Bottle of milk 9.48 0.11
Fish 20.26 0.06
Piece of meat 12.25 0.13
Bag of wheat 10.89 -0
Bag of flour 12.88 1.64
Hundredweight of cow 20.53 0.33
Ton of stone 10.44 -0
Half-hundredweight of pig 15.41 0.05
Ball of wool 10.86 -0.14
Hide 16.32 -0.06
Coat 49.5 0
Vegetable 9.38 -0.18
Wood bushel 4.19 0.08
Small ladder 20.18 0
Large ladder 68.02 0
Oar 20 -0
Hull 36.49 0
Shaft 8.16 -0.14
Boat 99.33 0.63
Stone 18.32 -0.11
Axe 150.74 0
Ploughshare 38.44 0
Hoe 30 0
Ounce of iron ore 11.52 0.2
Unhooped bucket 21.88 0
Bucket 37.73 0
Knife 17.89 0
Ounce of steel 49.04 -0.06
Unforged axe blade 53.91 0
Axe blade 116.44 0
Blunted axe 127.79 -2.51
Hat 53.38 0.08
Man's shirt 119.57 0.12
Woman's shirt 121.14 0
Waistcoat 141.4 0
Pair of trousers 74.61 -0.09
Mantle 257.82 0
Dress 265.04 -0.2
Man's hose 45.63 -0
Woman's hose 44.32 0
Pair of shoes 27.53 -0.01
Pair of boots 86.57 0
Belt 45.2 -0
Barrel 12.02 0
Pint of beer 0.82 0
Barrel of beer 66.51 2.5
Bottle of wine 1.66 0
Barrel of wine N/A N/A
Bag of hops 19.34 0
Bag of malt 10 0
Sword blade 101.19 0
Unsharpened sword 169.69 0
Sword 146.48 -0.07
Shield 36.91 0
Playing cards 73.55 -0
Cloak 180.72 0
Collar 68.35 -0.06
Skirt 135.35 0
Tunic 222.36 0
Overalls 115.73 0
Corset 117.2 0
Rope belt 53.86 0
Headscarf 60.73 0
Helmet 164.91 0
Toque 48.61 0
Headdress 79.65 0
Poulaine 64.02 0
Cod 11.36 0
Conger eel 12.81 0
Sea bream 18.31 0
Herring 17.43 0
Whiting 17.42 0
Skate 12.16 0
Sole 18.11 0
Tuna 12.51 0
Turbot 18.02 0
Red mullet 16.53 0
Mullet 12.47 -0
Scorpionfish 20.5 0
Salmon 16.51 0
Arctic char 12 0
Grayling 14.77 0
Pike 17.6 0
Catfish N/A N/A
Eel 15.09 0
Carp 17.98 0.03
Gudgeon 17.68 -0.04
Trout 17.51 0
Pound of olives 13.38 0
Pound of grapes 9.18 0
Sack of barley 10.67 0
Half-hundred weight of goat carcasses 18.99 0
Bottle of goat's milk 12.81 0
Tapestry 143.6 0
Bottle of olive oil 121.94 -0
Jar of agave nectar N/A N/A
Bushel of salt 19.89 0
Bar of clay 3.43 -0
Cask of Scotch whisky 93.32 -0
Cask of Irish whiskey 131.27 0
Bottle of ewe's milk 10.57 0
Majolica vase 10 0
Porcelain plate N/A N/A
Ceramic tile N/A N/A
Parma ham 84.97 0
Bayonne ham 34.65 -0
Iberian ham 70.28 0
Black Forest ham 54.72 0
Barrel of cider 51.16 0
Bourgogne wine 76.22 0
Bordeaux wine 60.89 0.31
Champagne wine 141.21 -5.25
Toscana wine 33.69 0
Barrel of porto wine 87.44 0
Barrel of Tokaji 163.71 0
Rioja wine 159.19 0
Barrel of Retsina 36.79 -0
Pot of yoghurt 85.17 -0
Cow's milk cheese 77.07 0
Goat's milk cheese 85.06 2.5
Ewe's milk cheese 52.26 0
Anjou wine 50.88 -0
Ewe carcass 15.03 0
Mast 456.7 0
Small sail 215.71 0
Large sail 838.79 0
Tumbler of pulque N/A N/A
Jar of pulque N/A N/A