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29/07/1471 [EN]Cataclysm Looms as Sages Predict Impending Disaster

29 July, (Kyoto) - The tranquil lands of Japan are facing an ominous threat as the sages of the nation have made a chilling prediction of an impending cataclysm. Amidst the serene beauty of the medieval countryside, an air of uncertainty grips the hearts of the people as they prepare for what may be an unprecedented disaster.

For centuries, the revered sages of our land have guided us with their wisdom and insight into the workings of the natural world. Their divination practices and deep connection to the mystical forces have enabled them to foresee events of great significance. Now, their united voices forewarn of a cataclysmic event that threatens to disrupt the harmony of our nation.

While the exact nature of this impending disaster remains veiled in mystery, the sages' predictions have struck a chord of concern among the populace. Families are gathering their belongings, temples are offering prayers for protection, and local authorities are implementing precautionary measures to safeguard their communities.

In an exclusive interview with the chief sage, Master Hikari, he stated, "The elements of nature have shown signs of great unrest. The celestial bodies align in an unusual pattern, and the spirits of the land appear disturbed. It is a time of uncertainty, and we must heed the signs that the universe presents to us."

Historians note that such predictions in the past have often proven accurate, further adding to the gravity of the situation. In times like these, the people turn to the wisdom of their ancestors and rely on the teachings of old to guide them through the storm that lies ahead.

The Imperial Court has acknowledged the sages' warning and has convened a council of eminent scholars to discuss the best course of action. Emperor has urged the people to remain calm and united in the face of adversity.

As the nation braces itself for the unknown, a sense of unity and resilience pervades the land. Communities are coming together, sharing their knowledge, and supporting each other in preparation for what may come.

In the coming days, we shall remain vigilant and report further developments as the situation unfolds. May the wisdom of the sages guide us through these troubled times and may the spirits of our ancestors watch over us.

This publication urges all citizens to heed the advice of their local authorities, remain connected with their communities, and stay informed through reliable sources. Together, we shall face this cataclysmic challenge with courage and determination.

Taira no Hyouka


Product Price Variation
Portion of udon 7.86 0.02
Fruit 12.5 0.24
Bag of rice 4.11 0.15
Egg 12.45 0.05
Fish 18.91 -1.36
Piece of meat 20.8 -0.93
Bag of wheat 14.59 1.28
Bag of flour 16.7 1
Chicken carcass 37.38 0.96
Quintal of stone 11.09 0
Carcass of pig 18.94 -0
Ball of cotton 12.54 0.84
Measure of flax 18.98 1.94
Haori N/A N/A
Mushroom 13.92 1.76
Wood bushel 6.95 1.79
Small ladder 30.25 -0.75
Large ladder 93.6 -3.58
Oar 36.66 0
Hull 63.52 0
Shaft 10.91 0.31
Ubune 123.78 0.99
Stone 12.82 0
Axe 191.99 0.53
Ploughshare N/A N/A
Hoe N/A N/A
Kilo of iron ore 20.14 0.42
Unhooped basket 30.42 -2.37
Basket 58.71 6.22
Knife 20.56 0.04
Ounce of steel 72.71 -0.33
Unforged axe blade 82.66 -12.5
Axe blade 131.04 0
Blunt axe 162.09 32.58
Sugegasa 60.15 -6.26
Man's kimono 143.92 3.23
Woman's kimono 143.42 4.23
Kataginu N/A N/A
Hakama 80.15 -9.25
Haori N/A N/A
Junihitoe N/A N/A
Man's tabi 64.77 2
Woman's tabi 61.25 0.13
Pair of zori 35.05 -0.65
Pair of chikatabi 86.44 -3.66
Obi 46.3 -1.94
Barrel N/A N/A
Glass of sake N/A N/A
Barrel of sake N/A N/A
Bottle of sakaki N/A N/A
Barrel of sakaki N/A N/A
Bag of hops N/A N/A
Bag of malt N/A N/A
Katana blade 123.83 0
Unsharpened katana 153.75 0
Katana 215.02 21.48
Haramaki 34.59 -11.34
Playing cards N/A N/A
Kamishimo N/A N/A
Haneri N/A N/A
Mobakama N/A N/A
Okesa N/A N/A
Haragake N/A N/A
Kakeobi N/A N/A
Hikigoshi N/A N/A
Hachimaki N/A N/A
Kabuto 179.74 0.47
Eboshi N/A N/A
Ichimegasa N/A N/A
Geta N/A N/A
Cod N/A N/A
Conger eel N/A N/A
Sea bream N/A N/A
Herring N/A N/A
Whiting N/A N/A
Skate N/A N/A
Sole N/A N/A
Tuna N/A N/A
Turbot N/A N/A
Red mullet N/A N/A
Mullet N/A N/A
Scorpionfish N/A N/A
Salmon N/A N/A
Arctic char N/A N/A
Grayling N/A N/A
Pike N/A N/A
Catfish N/A N/A
Eel N/A N/A
Carp N/A N/A
Gudgeon N/A N/A
Trout N/A N/A
Pound of olives N/A N/A
Pound of grapes N/A N/A
Sack of barley N/A N/A
Goat carcasses N/A N/A
Bottle of goat's milk N/A N/A
Tapestry N/A N/A
Bottle of olive oil N/A N/A
Jar of agave nectar N/A N/A
Bushel of salt N/A N/A
Block of clay N/A N/A
Cask of Scotch whisky N/A N/A
Cask of Irish whiskey N/A N/A
Bottle of ewe's milk N/A N/A
Majolica vase N/A N/A
Porcelain plate N/A N/A
Ceramic tile N/A N/A
Parma ham N/A N/A
Bayonne ham N/A N/A
Iberian ham N/A N/A
Black Forest ham N/A N/A
Barrel of cider N/A N/A
Bourgogne wine N/A N/A
Bordeaux wine N/A N/A
Champagne wine N/A N/A
Toscana wine N/A N/A
Barrel of porto wine N/A N/A
Barrel of Tokaji N/A N/A
Rioja wine N/A N/A
Barrel of Retsina N/A N/A
Pot of yoghurt N/A N/A
Cow's milk cheese N/A N/A
Goat's milk cheese N/A N/A
Ewe's milk cheese N/A N/A
Anjou wine N/A N/A
Ewe carcass N/A N/A
Mast 510.62 0
Small sail 239.4 0
Large sail 841.46 0
Bowl of sake 1.36 0.27
Jar of sake 15.73 0.13