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10/03/1471 Your Freedoms Matter

Kingdoms Associated Press
London, England

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I had been sitting, in the International offices when a letter was brought to me. It described the situation in England that seemed dire to future generations. I sat there reading it over and over until I went to investigate what had been happening. First though, please read the letter as written to me on the matter of freedoms in England.

To the people

England is on a precipice. Right now we are divided over many things, the most important one is our rights as English citizens. I implore everyone to pay attention to what is being discussed in the Houses of Parliament at the moment. Your future could very well depend on it. Will you be living under the heel of oppressive councils who will decide on a case by case if you are worthy of your rights or not? There are a few good councillors, and they will need our support. In the last year, England has been reduced to a paranoid, and very fearful place. The power of words seems to have driven people to the brink of madness.

We had one; I repeat, one single Welshman declare a war on England. Instead of ignoring him, the former Countess of Sussex, Helenn Whitehall sent her personal attack dog after him to slay him in the street. This decision was backed by the majority of the former council under her control. Then we move forward into Autumn, Mercia’s council, angry they could not prosecute a couple of robbers due to lack of evidence, alongside a weird and unexplained migration to Dartmouth, they set their armies to protect their roads, whilst reducing robberies, they managed to kill fifteen people in the process. If you look up irony in the dictionary, this will be the example given.

Then most recently, the army in Holywell took it upon themselves to consider two women such a massive threat that they took the law into their own hands and attempted to kill them. The women’s apparent crimes changed as often as the Prosecutor changed his underwear, ranging from visa violations to being called “Trolls” to having declared war on Westmorland. The two women were killed before they were declared criminals; help me understand how that's acceptable. Only two of the criminals involved in this attack were charged, the mighty Lord of War, Elmix Dee-Kelley and his charming wife, at least I think she's charming, it's been mentioned a couple of times. These actions are all the same; Led by tyrannical councils and leaders. Fearful of people who don’t follow their narrative and don’t do exactly as they’re expected.

Another irony, these councils toot their horns about freedoms and county rights, while taking away the rights of the very people they’re supposed to be representing. Those who speak up are browbeaten, bullied and harassed to the point of either leaving our shores or retreating from public life entirely. These politicians will not be content until they have cowed and castrated every single person into submission like the good little citizens we ought to be. They want their little utopia of subordinate farmers, miners and artisans to be a good little production line, nothing more.

In the last month or so, England has been left rudderless. The King, Andreas Sharpe has been left to deal with too much on his own with little to no support from his own council. His negotiations in Holywell were met with derision and insults, and yet no one helped him or offered him counsel on how to best deal with the situation. Some people will blame the King for not dealing with things properly, but he's one man and cannot do it alone, but, I do feel he surrounded himself with a few bad choices, people who refuse to see the status quo changed, as it will shift the balance and remove some of their power and authority. It's time to stand up and be counted, use our voice to make a change for the better and to cut out the corruption that's plaguing England.

Kragomir Ferguson

✍️ KAP
It seems to me, that the rights of all citizens are being trampled upon by its very own governmental groups. I am not saying that all of them are that way, by far we do have a few that believe in the freedoms which are granted to you as an English citizen. However, what I do see is a melting pot of ideals that have come into the lands. This would not be bad if the ideals also recognized that England is not one in which tyrants are allowed to run the government or to parade around in armies without being taken down. In fact, once upon a time, years back, England did stand together against a tyrant with an army. Yet now, they have progressed downward to be exactly what they fought against if what the letter says is true.

Remember, you as English citizens have the right to voice your opinion. You have the freedom of speech, the freedom of religion, the freedom to associate and the freedom to travel within the borders of England (except in times of war and insurrection). * For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others. Will you be that person for England?

England KAP
Editor in Chief
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