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21/10/1470 Intl. News - Interview with Steel Legion

Kingdoms Associated Press - London, England

It was in the busy international KAP offices that a messenger approached me with news from the Sea of Marmara, in the town was Gelibolu. I was told there was a lot of carnage for the group known as, Ordo Negrum Equites (O.N.E.) but not without cost to the other group Steel Legion. I could trace stories of O.N.E. in Kingdoms Associated Press as far back as 1459 but did not see anything about Steel Legion until now. Thinking this might be a good time to sort out an interview with them, I sent the messenger back with the request.

Today we sit down with the two leaders of Steel Legion, Heraa and Ragnaros to learn a little more about them and to fill in the blanks on who they are. Thank you both for allowing me to interview you.

Hello, there. Thank you for contacting us and doing this interview, I hope we can clear some things up so people can understand better what is going on in this part of the world.

✍️ KAP
Can you tell us where you are located?

At the moment, we all are in a town called Ayvalik, sanjak (province) of Karesi in the Ottoman Empire. Recovering from the wounds caused by sinking, and this definitely won’t be our final destination

✍️ KAP
I had heard it was a major battle. Tell us, how did you come up with your clan name, Steel Legion?

It was mostly the idea of Punisher the Mad, the late King of Croatia and Hungary, co-founder of Steel Legion and one of the best friends I ever had. We’ve met a long time ago, while we both were outlaws in Albania, banned from our own countries. Friendship was born really quickly, and joint plans too. As the number of people who were following us started to grow, we decided to gather them all under a common clan/flag. Took us a few days to decide on the name, but somehow, we managed to compromise. In the end, the name was really only something for people outside, we considered ourselves as a family, always there for each other.

✍️ KAP
I've noticed, family is not always made of blood kin but of ones that want you in their life, it sounds like you found that.

Would you tell us a little more about yourselves? What was life like before the fighting, or was there always fighting where you live?

Honestly, I don’t remember what life without fighting looks like. Sometimes, I think we are like magnets for troubles and betrayals. And I’m simply not the person who can just close their eyes and not react. There comes my favourite quote: “Every deed has its consequences”; we’ve been provoked and we react. Most of the time, the opposite side doesn’t like the consequences following, but I just don’t allow anyone to insult any of my friends without being punished for that.

I'm sure I've been more of a gentleman before I started fighting. When I started to fight, once I tasted this pleasure, I realized that it was definitely better than the best wine.

✍️ KAP
This next question may seem odd considering what you just said ...

When you are off-duty time, what do you like to do?

Huh, that happens really rare, but in that case, I simply enjoy spending some time in the tavern, meeting new people and spending time with friends.

I guess to eat (with my wife). And making weapon collection... Even if I don't have many weapons like Heraa. For now.

✍️ KAP
Recently, in your fight against another clan O.N.E., there were many issues before that. Can you tell us how this all began?

There are always different issues present, before each mission we do. It’s not easy to manage that number of people, especially since, as I said, we consider ourselves firstly as friends. We are just humans and humans make mistakes. What is important, in the end, is that those mistakes are avoided during the mission, those before just make a bit of chaos which we always consider as a first step of the journey. How this all began? Well, I said it more than once, and in time it somehow became one of the most used phrases when I explain our deeds: “Every deed has its consequences” and we were provoked, insulted, tried to be blackmailed more than once, so we took the opportunity to repay all of that.

Issue? Except for my fight with myself...? Oh, I don't remember all of them. I was drunk most of the time, but yes, there are always some issues. It's true that sometimes we create big issues and I'm real trouble but when you have a great friend like Heraa, everything is easier and everything has a solution.

✍️ KAP
It is said that ships of O.N.E. had been sitting in the Gallipoli Harbor for some time. Can you explain to our readers how this happened without any incident before now?

I assume Rag can say about this a bit more than I can since I was taking some time off meditating in the monastery when he called me. And he knew that I will come back at the same moment, we have spoken about this situation a long time ago. He simply said: “Hey, I need your presence. We’ve been called to help our friends in Ottoman and we have an opportunity to sink the whole ONE fleet” Well, he was right, I was the best reason that could be given...

I have heard, they came to Ottoman Empire with 16 ships. Most of them have docked in Gelibolu but they also have left 6 of them at sea to keep the rest safe. Sultan's forces managed to free Gelibolu after several fights that happened and, together with some Bulgarian forces, did their best to keep them out of there. No one there had such a big naval force to engage in a fight with what was there, and they also needed their people to keep the land safe, so, as Ragnaros already said, they called us. Rest is history.

Life doesn't always offer you opportunities. But in fact, this opportunity has come to our door a few more times. Sometimes you can't chase the opportunities and sometimes you believe in destiny and you go after them. I had been dreaming of doing this for a long time and I came to this decision as a result of a letter I received from the Ottoman Sultan and a very dear friend who was with him. We acted to give the best possible answer to those who think they are invincible. We also wanted to test our courage and faith. No one else could do this but us.

✍️ KAP
What are you most proud of?

Despite the opinion that it would be some of our successfully accomplished missions – this would be completely wrong. I am most proud of the people with us, our friends. That is a group of really amazing people and I’m thankful for each day spent in their company.

I continue to fight against everyone and everything. With my friends.

✍️ KAP
When did you feel the most accomplished in your life so far?

Really difficult question, and somehow, I don’t feel like I have accomplished anything significant. I guess it’s all in the eye of an observer. But I can promise when I get that feeling of accomplishment achieved, I will definitely inform you.

This is how I feel every time I do anything they say I can't do, but only for a very short moment. Because nothing satisfies me yet. I guess I'll keep chasing.

Thank you both for this enlightening time to be able to speak to both of you. May you heal quickly.

Kind readers, if you have any inquiries for them, you can send a messenger to them to gain more information about your questions. Perhaps it will get there safely with all that's going on in the Ottoman Empire.

England KAP
Editor in Chief
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