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15/10/1470 International News - Steel Legion at Marmara Sea

Reported by Heraa to Englands KAP.

It all started not so long ago, at beginning of September, when we, Steel Legion, received a help request from our friends from Ottoman. It took us no longer than a week to take all of our possessions, board ships and leave the Kingdom of Croatia. The trip had begun with 5 Battle Carracks and 1 Carrack. The first stop was Albania, where 3 more Battle Carracks were stationed, and our Ottoman friends decided to give them to us. We took the ships and continued our sail towards Ottoman. In a meantime, our 6th Battle Carrack, with people who were travelling at the time we received the request, started their journey too.

We arrived at Ayvalik on the 26th of September. Our first 4 ships docked while the rest stayed at sea to keep an eye on the enemy who was only 8 movements away. Our first people settled and we started to build 3 more Battle Carracks immediately while rotating ships and crew who had to settle too. Our last ship arrived on the 3rd of October and our last 3 ships docked that day to settle and prepare for the mission. The three new ships were finished. The starting date was set for the 6th of October.

As it usually goes, chaos cannot be avoided, so we had to deal with it too, people boarding the wrong ships, others forgetting to leave their stuff at home, and some not answering the letters. Yet the worst one happened late in the night, at the evening of departure - I was the last one on land waiting for my crew to board, when one informed, me he decided to go his own way. We needed to find a replacement in a most impossible condition. I want to thank Sir Specialist, who agreed to join, although we sunk his ship some time ago in one of our missions in Bosnia. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

We all came prepared to die, nothing was more important to us than helping our friends and cleaning the Ottoman Sea from ONE ships. No one could do this but us. So we did it!

I will share with you records from our battle journals, so you see the battle from our perspective:

7th of October, 1470

14:01 12 Battle Carracks started their sail from Ayvalik, each ship had a captain and 4 crew members, so 5 moves a day.

Ships in our two fleets and their captains during the battle were:

Steel Legion - Topalkirpi – captain Siyah
Steel Legion - Rainmaker – captain Izmirli
Steel Legion - Holy Smoke – captain Mordana
Steel Legion - The Dynamite – captain Ragnaros
Steel Legion - The Hydra – captain Laedri
Steel Legion - Punisher – captains Dalmatinac and Maris
Steel Legion - Andromeda – captain Andrija_arpadovic
Steel Legion - Moonchild – captain Heraa
Steel Legion - Assassin – captain Alegriaa
Steel Legion - Draco – captain Hacirotti
Steel Legion - The Shadow – captain Hayal
Steel Legion - Piranha – captain Zafu

8th of October, 1470

We showed us to the enemy but decided to stay in place for almost the whole day - just to create some chaos.

9th of October, 1470

O.N.E. moved west, we formed a shooting position. The fleet of Sultan Nightking - ODB "Osmanli Deniz Birligi" (Ottoman Sea Forces) was 3 moves away before they could join the fight. It was 2 fleets of Steel Legion against 2 Fleets of O.N.E. with a Carrack which joined them for minimizing the damage.

4:01 BOOM
The first shots were fired, and the damage our first fleet received was incredible. I couldn’t believe something like that could happen. On my ship, 32 cannons were fired, and 4 were avoided, so Moonchild was the most damaged ship in our fleets. The other ships in our first fleet were badly damaged too. The second fleet had far less damage though. I was sure Moonchild will be the first ship that will be sunk, but as I already said, we came prepared for that.

In the second round, it started to look really bad for us. Three of our ships was sunk, and two enemy ships were down.

Steel Legion Andromeda's ship has sunk
Steel Legion Draco's ship has sunk
Steel Legion The Hydra's ship has sunk
08.03 O.N.E. - Sea Doom's ship sank - captain Morfej
08.03 O.N.E. Tsunami's ship sunk - captain Tangraman

We were so close to losing everything. If ONE had decided to shoot our fleet which was in better condition with all their ships, it was possible most of them would have sunk too. And Sultan’s fleet would be in danger, in that case, because of the fighting ratio. The decision had to be made.

We have spent days planning every single scenario that could happen, we did tests at sea to predict how a fleet reacts in different situations, and even our fleets were organized the way they were for a reason.

This was one of our smartest things to do. In our first fleet were both of the leaders of Steel Legion, Ragnaros and me. We knew how much O.N.E. hates both of us, so we made a decision aware of their hate. We dismissed our fleet and ordered everyone not to move nor shoot.

O.N.E. fell for it. Both of their fleets shoot directly at us. (My ship had 2 HP at that moment, and Ragnaros’ had 3 HP.)

Reports were as follows:

Your formation has inflicted 12 points of damage to the following ships:
L'envol du Phénix, O.N.E - Emperor, O.N.E. - King Anghelos, ONE Harpyiae II.

Steel Legion Moonchild, your ship has sunk. No more sugar, tea, or rum. The mother of all fish thanks you.

Steel Legion The Dynamite, your ship has sunk. No more sugar, tea, or rum. The mother of all fish thanks you.

Your formation has inflicted 13 points of damage to the following ships:
O.N.E. Poseidon, O.N.E. Darkness, Rising Phoenix (Flagman), O.N.E. Dragon's Wings II, O.N.E. Remnant, O.N.E. Ormurin Langi.

Yes, we both sunk, but our fleet which was in better condition already remained untouched. Even one ship from our first fleet survived, although badly damaged. The Sultan’s fleet was in position for an attack.

Now, it was time for another crucial decision - who to target next. We could make the same mistake as O.N.E. did and shoot at their weaker fleet. But we are smarter than that and we ordered a full attack on their healthier fleet.

And the results came.

12:02 ONE King Anghelos ship has sunk - captainThe_legend
12:02 ONE Emperor's ship has sunk captainHaris
12:02 ONE Harpyiae II's has sunk captainNanyscia
12.02 L'envol du Phénix’s ship has sunk captainKamelott_aymon_II
12:03 Rising Phoenix (Flagman)’s ship has sunk captainHector.
12:03 ONE Ormurin Langi’s ship has sunk captainKavhan
Steel Legion:
12:01 Steel Legion Holy Smoke’s ship has sunk
12:01 Steel Legion Piranha’s ship has sunk
12:02 Steel Legion Assassin’s ship has sunk
12:03 Steel Legion Rainmaker’s ship has sunk

The results at noon were:
9 Steel Legion ships sunk
8 O.N.E. ships sunk

Sultan’s fleet was ready to fight too. 6 ships in perfect condition joined the battle. It was the end for the ships of ONE. The most they could do was shoot the rest of our ships to make as much damage as possible – what they did in the next few turns, but it didn’t matter. We did what we came to do, we sunk the whole ONE fleet and cleaned the Marmara Sea.
So, the rest of the ships that went down in the fight:

14:01 The Gosho’s ship has sunk captain Archigenes
14:02 O.N.E. Darkness’s ship has sunk Rachs
14:02 O.N.E. Dragon's Wings II's ship has sunk Mikevc
16:02 O.N.E. Remnant's ship has sunk Messalina.
16:02 O.N.E. Poseidon's ship has sunk Blava_balsha
Steel Legion:
14:01 Steel Legion The Shadow’s ship has sunk
16:01 Steel Legion Punisher’s ship has sunk
16:01 Steel Legion Topalkirpi’s ship has sunk

The Sultan’s fleet is about to do the rest of the cleaning of O.N.E. ships which are still in the harbour of Gelibolu.

Regarding our ships, we will rebuild and sink O.N.E. ships again if they ever appear. It is not over; we have just started and there’s much more to be heard from and about us in the future.

List of ships in Gelibolu harbour that had been docked and now sunk are:

O.N.E. The Kraken Battle Carrack, captainAnghel
O.N.E. Kite Battle Carrack, captainMacedonski
O.N.E. - Nemesis Battle Carrack, captain la_bill
O.N.E - Fury Battle Carrack, captainGaguha
O.N.E. - MAJESTIC Battle Carrack, captainLexul
O.N.E. Horde Battle Carrack, captainCodruta
O.N.E. Predator Battle Carrack, captainWhite.rose
O.N.E.Conquest Battle Carrack, captainSilviya
Rosomak Battle Carrack, captainNellios

This is the end of this chapter, and the beginning of a new one, I want to thank every single captain of ours. You have shown great devotion. You moved and followed the orders like one soul. The obedience and persistence you’ve shown is simply amazing, thank you for that. And also, to our crew, who made it possible and who all died for our cause, together with the rest of us, you are the soul of Steel Legion. Without all of you, this couldn’t be possible. THANK YOU and let’s get ready for other victories!

England KAP
Editor in Chief
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Fruit 12.26 0
Bag of corn 2.56 -0.01
Bottle of milk 8.7 -0
Fish 19.39 0
Piece of meat 15.15 -0.01
Bag of wheat 11.61 -0.02
Bag of flour 11.7 -0.1
Hundredweight of cow 29.62 -2.53
Ton of stone 8.83 0
Half-hundredweight of pig 15.46 0
Ball of wool 11.03 0
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