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03/09/1470 Monarch Election Questions - Danay Meredith Ashcroft

The Monarch Candidate series of election questions

The Count

Arthur the Younger

HRH Andreas Sharpe

Kingdoms Associated Press - London, England

Leaving the one campaign area, I took a deep breath in. It had become crowded, which is not always a good sign and so a long drag of fresh air was needed. In an area not far from the other I did spy on a campaign of Danay Meredith Ashcroft. I entered the area, looking around at her campaign notice before speaking with her. She politely agreed to the questions so we took a seat and began.

Danay Ashcroft
"Hello everyone, I'm Danay Ashcroft, a wanderer, vagrant, and sometimes merchant. I've spent a lot of time getting to know the people of England, and I felt the calling to stand up and do my part for our great nation. You can learn more about me in the London Commons at my campaign headquarters, and now I'm going to answer some questions for the KAP. Let's begin."

✍️ KAP
"With the lack of stability in the kingdom population-wise, how do you propose to get more people involved? "

Danay Ashcroft
"Fairness and transparency. Of course we can promote activities, organize events, and all the usual endeavors. But those only go so far without an environment that people want to stay around for.

I would start with a reform of the peerage system that would make qualification for barony automatic once the eligibility requirements have been met. This would divest the crown from its prerogative in issuance, and instead invest in the populace, who would no longer have to wait around hoping for a nomination once they meet the requirements. We can remove all notion of bias in this way, and make the peerage accessible to anyone who puts in the work to attain it.

I am also interested in requiring the deliberation process to accept new candidates into many of our institutions to be a matter to be discussed on public record, rather than in private chambers. This will allow people to witness the process of their consideration and understand what is expected of them, and what is thought of them. It will also make it difficult for deserving citizens to be denied for spurious reasons.

And, I would like to see the House of Lords become entirely ceremonial, rather than mostly ceremonial. In exchange, I would see their titles become hereditary and protected from acts of attainder.

How will all of this get more people involved? It will create an environment where becoming involved is worth the effort. When people can feel assured that they will be treated fairly, given equal opportunity and consideration, and not risk having all their hard work removed from them by whim or by spurious circumstance, then people can feel happier, and more confident that being involved is worth their time. Aristotle himself reasoned that the wise man must take part in the life of the city. It would be the fool, then, who would impede anyone this right."

✍️ KAP
"What is your definition of leadership?"

Danay Ashcroft
"Leadership is not only acting correct and virtuously, no matter how easy or tempting the alternative but then inspiring others to do the same. Leadership is treating others with fairness, even if they would not return the favor. Leadership is diligence and perseverance in organizing people to achieve a common goal and leave their surroundings in a better state than which they found them. But most of all, leadership is recognizing and allowing for humanity. Not just our own, but that of others. In acting in humility, admitting our errors, apologizing for them in earnest, correcting our course, and allowing others the grace to do the same. "

✍️ KAP
"What do you believe should happen to those close to you when they make an honest mistake?"

Danay Ashcroft
"They should admit to it and apologize for it, not because they are required to, but because it is in their heart to do so. They should accept any legal consequence with humility and grace. And if they can do these things, then they should be forgiven."

✍️ KAP
"Royal treasury - will you be transparent in how much is there and how it is spent?"

Danay Ashcroft
"To the extent possible. I strongly believe in transparency and want it to pervade the government. But there is still one thing that needs to be guarded: particularly, how much is spent on the prestige celebrations. The reason this needs to be guarded is because each of our counties that spend on prestige are in competition with other similarly-populated counties throughout the known kingdoms. If we spill the secret, foreign counties will simply surpass us as a matter of course, and England's counties will be severely negatively affected. So the answer is yes, I intend on sweeping moves toward transparency, but if the treasury is used to bolster our nation's prestige, then the safety of divulging that will need to be assessed."

✍️ KAP
"What mistakes have you made that have improved who you are now?"

Danay Ashcroft
"This is my first foray into anything political in many years, and I do not recall any notable mistakes. Some would say that standing for this election without a wealth of recent experience has been a mistake. But I think stepping into the fray without a preconceived network or list of biases can be played into a strength. I am very open to hearing all ideas and listening to people, even if they tell me I am making a mistake."

✍️ KAP
"Tell us about a time when your judgment has been tested in crisis."

Danay Ashcroft
"That would be right now. These next several months, especially if I accede the throne, will constantly be testing my judgment. We have a number of ongoing issues and I am being diligent to consider all perspectives, and their context, before jumping to conclusions or making hasty statements. My tenure would be much the same. I would listen to advice, remain calm, and make the most fruitful choices that I could for the good of England."

✍️ KAP
"Are you open to the freedom of speech of anyone in the realm regardless of title or rank?"

Danay Ashcroft
"Yes. There will be no limits on speech based on title or rank. "

✍️ KAP
"Many of the hardest decisions in the Kingdom won’t be consensus decisions. What will inform your decision-making?"

Danay Ashcroft
"My heart for the good of England, the advice of my trusted advisors, the will of the English people, and my own common sense and critical thought."

✍️ KAP
"Being a monarch requires decisiveness. Share with the readers some examples of your ability and willingness to be decisive."

Danay Ashcroft
"Decisiveness doesn't have to mean haste. I will put in the work to truly understand the nature and ramifications of the actions that I take. For example, when speaking with others, I carefully think of the context and purpose of the discussion, and then measure my words accordingly. I want to enact some reforms to peerage and the laws, so it will be necessary to be decisive in precisely what I am advocating to the parliament. When I heard the news of Destrian's passing, I made the informed decision to offer my name for England's service and got straight to work constructing my campaign and listening to questions asked. Decisiveness is the ability to choose a course and follow through on it, and my promise to England is to do exactly that."

✍️ KAP
"What could cause you to fail as the monarch?"

Danay Ashcroft
"Bureaucracy, and not convincingly advocating for my goals. It's easy to talk about reform, diligence, and equity. What if none of my proposed changes are ever enacted? There are very few things I can simply wave my hand and make happen. This is how it should be. The monarchy cannot be allowed the power of tyranny. But even the well-intended sovereigns at some point have to hope for a measure to be passed. To have a humdrum tenure, even a peaceful one, but without achieving change, would be a failure, because England can be so much more than than the status quo."

I smiled at the lady as we concluded our questions and answer. "For England" she reminded me. Lady Danay said to me one last thing which I found to be lovely. "Thank you, Kallist0, for the list of thoughtful questions. I truly hope that whoever takes this election, we enter into a period of progress and prosperity." I in turn replied to her saying "Aye, progress and prosperity are something we should all look forward to. Thank you for your time Lady Danay." I collected my things as she turned to speak to another person. It was time for me to find another campaign tent.

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