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30/04/1470 Freedom of Speech?

In the international KAP offices, sometimes we all sit down to discuss the issues of where we live. The conversations keep us all updated about different parts of the world and it is a welcome trade of information. One night, as we gathered, there was a discussion about how in Croatia the members of KAP were being prosecuted because of the use of the journalistic power to show the truth about what is going on. If you wish to see a copy of what happened, please see the Croatian KAP article here. You can see that Greece even wrote about the shameful prosecution in their article.

England citizens have a freedom of speech clause written within our charter of rights called The Endowment of Humanity Act, 1460. For those of you reading outside of England, the clause states “All people within the Kingdom of England are guaranteed free speech, with a duty to understand and respect the rules and nature of the area in which they are speaking and to acknowledge that {SIC}membership of certain groups and institutions may be affected by their speech.”

It seems straightforward and basic to understand. As English citizens, it should protect you from the Government going against you should you use that freedom, but beware of your membership in certain places as it can use that free speech you want to use, against you. This would be called censorship of your words and or actions. So does the freedom of speech apply to just the words that come out of your mouth within England or are there actions that you are free to do without consequences?

Here are two recent examples of this question I pose to you.

The first involved a man who was on trial that was killed while not being outlawed. So in answer to that, the House of Parliament, asked the public prosecutor of that county to look into it. The monarch, Destrian Blackwell himself called the count in to discuss the matter. While it seemed by the discussion in Parliament that the action was wrongful, the monarch agreed to that as well. Here is where it gets odd. Instead of making the count and the army commander responsible for the action, he allowed a five hundred pound donation to the royal treasury instead. A payoff for the act and turning a blind eye towards unlawful actions, perhaps? We do not know exactly the reason for this.

The second was recently in a court of appeals audience. England’s monarch appeared to see the proceedings except, that one of the first things he said was towards a person who was using her right of free speech with another in the audience. The conversation between the monarch and the person went on as what appeared to be a clouded guise of a threat from him because of her opinion and statements. That issue was the death of the man who was on trial, the army commander who did so, and the count who donated money to the royal treasury for it.

To this editor, who has used her freedom of speech to tell the stories of what happened in England and to her citizens, this freedom of speech clause is in peril even here in England for any citizen. Your freedom of speech means freedom for those whom you detest. It is also a freedom to express the most despicable views that you might object to. It also means that our government and the monarch cannot pick which expressions to allow and which to prevent. Our freedom of speech is slowly being taken by certain individuals. This will lead some to become dumb and silent, like sheep, to the slaughter.

England KAP
Editor in Chief
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