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05/01/1470 Monarch Election Questions - Lord The Count

The third interview is with Lord The_count from Mercia.

✍️ Good day and Welcome to KAP. Would you tell the readers about yourself? Specifically, your full name, where you live and why you want to win this election for the monarch.

Greetings, dear Readers. I am The Count. I live on The Stage. I have a small theatre company in London, just outside the walls of the traditional City. I am at home, however, wherever there is a stage. Anywhere in the arts. Anywhere with drama. I want to win this election to become the Theatre Director of England—I mean the Monarch of England—because I wish to restore England to its former glories. England has been beset with droll, dull, over-acted and underperformed dramas. There is no joy, no light, no laughter, no creative energy, at all. I wish to change this—to bring the Theatre of England back to a place of joy, light and creativity in its drama and its life.

✍️ What skills and competencies should a monarch have to perform effectively?

Why, I am ever so glad you asked this question. You see, I am a “Theatre Agent Extraordinaire.” But in fact, although modesty forbids me to say, I am in fact “All Things Theatre Extraordinaire”, and this includes directing. A Theatre Director of England—I mean a Monarch—must provide support, constant supportive constructive support, to those in the Theatre Company—I mean the Kingdom. I can write marvellous plays, direct them, and hold casting calls open to all. I can help people learn their lines and applaud those that do. I can inspire stars to shine, and those that would be stars to find their place through learning from the stars. My own creative genius knows no boundaries. I can whisper from the wings and sing from the center of the stage. In short, I can provide a wide and flexible array of skills to help the Kingdom thrive.

✍️ Do you think you have those skills and competencies?

But of course, my dear. As a “Theatre Agent Extraordinaire” and also an “All Things Theatre Extraordinaire”(although modesty forbids me to say this) I have all of the skills and competencies to be a Director—I mean a Monarch—of England.

✍️ What does a typical day of a monarch look like?

Someone once famous has said or will say,

“My curse on plays

That have to be set up in fifty ways,

On the day's war with every knave and dolt,

Theatre business, management of men.”*

I think that this typifies the way in which past Monarchs have dealt with our Kingdom. But this is not at all how I feel, and I wish to bring a new view into our Theatre of England. Someone famous once said or will say “"Theater is a verb before it is a noun, an act before it is a place." As the Director –I mean Monarch of England—I would expect every day to be different. To be a feast of creativity, of the drama which arises in our very souls and in our very lives.

✍️ If your day has veered from your expected normal, how do you handle that?

I have no expected normal. I do not even know the meaning of either of those words. Expected and normal probably are what lead us to our present plight, of the droll, dull, strutting over-acted and under-performed drama that is our England. I hope expected and normal never to take residence on my stage.

✍️ Tell us how others describe you.

As a “Theatre Agent Extraordinaire” and also an “All Things Theatre Extraordinaire”(although modesty forbids me to say this).

✍️ If elected, how do you recommend you can motivate and direct others to be more productive and active in the kingdom?

By making England a fun and creative place to be. Which it currently is not. By hosting open casting calls. Calling for new playwrights. Cultivating new and hidden talent. By theatre productions large and small, singing and dancing as well as drama, in the City, in the towns, the villages and even out in nature’s amphitheaters.

✍️ What do you think of the phrase lead by example?

Dull, droll and predictable. It is not the role of a Director—I mean a Monarch—necessarily to always lead. Sometimes that is the role of the leading actor, who must be given the space to do their craft, with support from the Director—I mean Monarch—of England. At times, the best Director is invisible. What an odd production it would be for the Director to push the leading actor to the wings. A good Director—I mean Monarch—knows when to whisper from the wings, when to be quiet, and when to support and when to take charge. As a personage of the Theatre, I can do and have done all these things.

✍️ What approach would you take when making big decisions for England?

I would make important decisions in the open, for all to see, upon the stage. I would change this odd habit of making decisions with a group of people locked in an outhouse.

✍️ What are your priorities for England?

To make it a lively and fun place again, where the drama is for entertainment and not for sport.

✍️ What do you think is the most challenging aspect of being a monarch and what would you do to overcome it?

To win the trust and support of the people. This is always the hardest part of Theatre. To deliver, and assist in the delivery, of a fine Theatre, which is the pride of the Kingdom. I would hold open casting calls, I would invite new playwrights, I would encourage the Arts in all their forms, large and small, in all corners of our Kingdom. I would nurture new talent and support established talent.

✍️ Do you plan to have any civic engagement that would include people that are not in influential positions?

Yes, my open casting calls. My desire to create Theatre and Arts in the villages, towns and market places. To recognize we need all—the hands that make the stage scenery, the people who sew the costumes, as well as the actors and the writers and the painters and the singers.

✍️ With issues that have many tongues talking about the Court of Appeals and College of Heraldry, what do you recommend you can do to help accomplish a better system for both?

I would invite new scripts to be sent to me to study by any one interested, on how to make these Theatres perform better, and listen to suggestions of what sort of Arts and performance each is best geared to handle. I would do this in the open, for all to offer their views and thoughts and talents, and then would decide, with the consensus of our Kingdom, how best to move forward.

✍️ And because it’s known that thirteen might be a bad luck number, one last question. If you do not win the election, what do you propose to do to help accomplish what you say in your election campaign?

Why, to carry on, of course, to support Theatre and the Arts. As the saying goes, The show must go on!

England KAP
Editor in Chief
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((ooc - * due credit to William Butler Yeats))


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