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05/01/1470 Monarch Election Questions - Lord Destrian

Our second interview is with Lord Destrian from Mercia.

Greetings Lady Kallist0

✍️ Good day and Welcome to our KAP offices. Would you tell the readers about yourself? Specifically, your full name, where you live and why you want to win this election for the monarch.

My name is Destrian Blackwell and together with Lady Zulita and our published list of privy councillors we stand to be elected to the English government. We desire to govern because we have a clear vision and path towards tackling the major issues of England. We wish to resolve the rampant banditry, bring renewed Justice to our legal system and re-engage our community.

✍️ What skills and competencies should a monarch have to perform effectively?

There are many abilities required for the Monarch to rule effectively, primarily the ability to listen to their people. The Crown has a responsibility to serve the Kingdom and lead by example. More importantly, a King should be able to rule in a Just and Fair manner. .

✍️ Do you think you have those skills and competencies?

I’d like to think I have the ability to listen to opposing views and to see the merit in them. I see value in giving a voice to our citizens when refining policies. In that regard, I have the capabilities necessary to lead England forward.

✍️ What does a typical day of a monarch look like?

Together with the privy council the Monarch will make a daily assessment of any immediately pressing matters which require action. After resolving matters of the highest urgency the Crown will labour to work on legislation, review any matters before the Monarch and speak on petitions submitted during audiences by the citizens of England.

✍️ If your day has veered from your expected normal, how do you handle that?

As is par for the course in life, it is important to be flexible. In times of crisis where the day to day activities are disrupted, it is important to create an overview of the situation. To call upon the advice of experts and review all options available only to choose the best path forward for England.

✍️ Tell us how others describe you.

There are various ways in which people perceive me, some no doubt more generous than others. However, to me, it is more important how I want to be as a person rather than dwelling on the opinions of others. I strive to be a Fair and Just individual with the capability of making levelheaded decisions for the good of England.

✍️ If elected, how do you recommend you can motivate and direct others to be more productive and active in the kingdom?

My administration will lead by example, we shall work diligently to implement the promised changes rooted in our platform. We believe strongly that an active and fair Crown shall lead to a better and active Kingdom. The implementation of more Nationwide inclusive events, a stronger legal system and an increased sense of security within our Realm will see these goals fulfilled.

✍️ What do you think of the phrase lead by example?

It’s more than a phrase, it's an adage I aspire to live by. For how can we expect Fairness and Justice from our citizens if we ourselves cannot keep to the same standard?

✍️ What approach would you take when making big decisions for England?

Governing a Country properly requires more than a Monarch alone. In any major event, I shall call upon the council to provide advice. In decisions regarding legislation Parliament must and will be heard. Moreover, the citizens of England shall always have an opportunity to speak their perspective on choices that have to be made.

✍️ What are your priorities for England?

Ultimately our priority is to serve the people, giving opportunities to let voices be heard and to re-engage our citizens.

✍️ What do you think is the most challenging aspect of being a monarch and what would you do to overcome it?

The most challenging aspect is to strike a balance between heeding the advice of numerous individuals and seeking the best path for our Kingdom to walk upon. It will require careful contemplation and the weighing of pro’s and con’s to overcome this challenge.

✍️ Do you plan to have any civic engagement that would include people that are not in influential positions?

Absolutely, we aim to bring a varied number of Nationwide events to the Kingdom that will be open to everyone. We will see that every citizen has an equal opportunity to participate.

✍️ With issues that have many tongues talking about the Court of Appeals and College of Heraldry, what do you recommend you can do to help accomplish a better system for both?

When it comes to reviewing title nominations I believe in doing so fairly and equally based upon merit rather than favouritism. In regards to our legal system, we shall endeavour to implement a High Court to administer Justice within the Realm of Administrative Law. That will resolve many of the issues we face.

✍️ And because it’s known that thirteen might be a bad luck number, one last question. If you do not win the election, what do you propose to do to help accomplish what you say in your election campaign?

To the winner of the elections and our future Monarch I would say: ‘’Always look to Justice and Fairness when making a decision.’’

England KAP
Editor in Chief
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