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27/10/1469 Justice for All

We have seen some work being done to some issues in the Court of Appeals. This all started with a one-pound fine and a case of treason against the monarch of England. While this is a good start and refreshing to see that things will be done in a better manner there is still some unfinished business in all of this according to
Daisy Holifard
. I sat down with her recently to get her side of the story.

✍️ KAP What do you see as wrongs in the Court of Appeals case involving the monarch of England and of your brother Cullan Holifard?

Where to even start? You can find me challenging the CoA verdict and the appellant/defendant's case in London Commons in The NEWEST HOP Balustrade! and the Hung Jury Bar & Lounge is located in the "English Court of Appeals."

To summarize what happened and how we got here:

The Court of Appeals was complicit in the Queen/Crown conspiracy to carriage roll over my brother, Cullan, who at the time was Count of Sussex during the fatal attack on the Queen and her entourage. The whole "appeal case" (trial) was a do-over for Queen Julianna to present yet another defence to blame my brother for the crimes of the Rogue Army. All because I decided as Sussex PP to prosecute her for what I perceived as obvious treason. Judge Destrian, renowned for his legal acumen, found my argument had merit and ruled accordingly. The final verdict was GUILTY OF TREASON but the sentence was light. The Sussex Trial transcript can be read here in the Sussex Inn.

So the Crown weaselled into the CoA looking for a more flattering judgement. They were granted extreme leniency. Their official rationale for appeal was allowed to keep changing.
Julianna's apparent perjury in the Sussex Courtroom was dismissed as irrelevant. The Appellant was permitted to bring in a dummy look-alike of Cullan into the courtroom to speak for, to make actions for, all so they could point at it and say, "see! See how he made me scared for my life!" Queen Julianna, her council
Saskia, her soldier in the gallery AG Jesijajo, the CoA Justices, all debased themselves by perpetuating lies, flouting basic jurisprudence, and twisting court procedure.

We're only here because the Crown couldn't admit to making one minor oversight. Because they still cannot accept they technically broke a law and technically committed treason by installing their own Royal Captain when it wasn't necessary.

As the public prosecutor of Sussex, I had literally one job. One. Job. And that was to prosecute lawbreakers. I took every report across my desk with seriousness, regardless of my feelings on the reporter. I began making a case for the prosecution against the Rogue Army after evidence came to me of that attack. I began making a case for the prosecution against the Queen when that evidence came to me she replaced the Royal Captain without consulting Count Cullan who was available and helping with the Rogue Army investigation at the time.

To be clear, even though everyone from Count Cullan to the Sussex commoner was expecting me to bring charges against the Rogue Army, I pursued prosecution because physically attacking a monarch is explicitly against the law. I don't care much for certain people's opinions, then or now, and I don't let their biases inform my professional actions. The case against the Queen was solely my choice alone and I made it based on the evidence presented to me. Replacing a Royal Captain without county permission, when the Count was clearly willing and able to do so, was explicitly written into the law as treason. I saw it as pretty straightforward.

Obviously, it infuriated the Crown that I wouldn't overlook the law for them, especially on the heels of being attacked by a notorious criminal group. They expected special treatment that I was not going to give them. That was when the conspiracy against Cullan started and was dragged all the way to the Court of Appeals.

To this day the Crown has not taken responsibility for their ineptitude even though the CoA rebuked their argument of Cullan's involvement with the Rogue Army and claims he was innocent after all.

✍️ KAP Has anything been done to pursue the case of alleged perjury against the monarch?

I have been informed WML is passing it onto their next council. Their current PP is a Crown officer and shouldn't be involved in the case anyways.

✍️ KAP What would you want to see done to turn things for the good of England?

Leaders taking responsibility again. Everyone screws up -- so own your mistakes and make amends. That's being a good role model. That's at least trying to make the situation better than it was before. That quality is sorely missing among the upper echelon. These people who are supposed to be "our betters" have turned out as morally bankrupt as the criminals they rail against. And let's be honest, law-breaking does not mean you're bad or immoral like these folks.

✍️ KAP Jasi jajo is named a few times by you, what do you think, if possible, is the best outcome to right the wrongs you perceive she has done?

Jesijajo used to be my friend. I used to think of her as one of the few in positions of authority who had integrity. She should begin by apologizing to those she's hurt with her lies. She should stop deflecting questions. Truth is, this trend and others like it infest England's Crown so it's kind of learned behaviour from their ilk. We see it stemming from the Missing Year. Rather than show collaboration, those England has allegedly empowered to serve us and enrich our culture would choose to dictate and control the narrative. They need to let go. Life is too short. That nonsense agitates in a negative way and not in a positive and affirming or "we're all in this together" kind of way.

✍️ KAP Do you think the judgement in the original case against the monarch for treason was fair?

At the time, yes. At the time Sussex did not consider the Queen/Crown of being malicious in appointing a Royal Captain. Nonetheless, it was still done illegally. That is why the sentence was basically a slap on the wrist.

In retrospect, no. The Queen showed herself an ugly [redacted] who will ruin the lives of others because she can't take ownership over the dumbest [redacted].

✍️ KAP If Westmorland does not cooperate and lodge the case if requested against the monarch, what could be done otherwise?

D2WML was always a suggestion; not a mandate. The alternative is apathy and/or to be left alone. They will say it is the plight of the commoner, ("not me!") to always struggle alone. That appears to be what the dwindling population desires most anyways.

✍️ KAP Do you believe that the House of Parliament is doing what is needed to bring some change to things in light of this case?

There are a number of passionate and active MPs. A few are even brave enough to speak in public! I'm told that several were inspired by my words in the Balustrade and elsewhere. Unfortunately, there seems to also be a faction of MPs who will not come out of their closed chambers to speak. And to be fair, the Treasonous Queen and her Nest of Serpents have set the tone that such is the Westmorland Way of Things and so goes England. Like I said before, good role models are important.

England KAP
Editor in Chief

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