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04/04/1469 Spotlight Minutes with Findecano

Note - This interview was done before the death of Queen Alexanderia. Condolences to her husband, Findecano and family.

Today's interview is with Findecano de Brancion, the former King-Consort of England. Lord Duke Findecano was born on 1 December 1436. He holds multiple titles from his time and service in Sacrum Romanorum Imperium Nationis Germanicæ. The Lord Duke was married to Queen Alexanderia on 14 December 1468 in England.

"Thank you for taking time with me today Lord Duke. Can you tell us where you live as well as describe what your home is like?"

Findecano - "To be honest, I do not live in just a single place. For over a decade now I have found myself travelling from here to there. However, there are some places I now truly view as my home and which are my main seat of my court, being castle Nideggen in my duchy of Jülich and the castles in Anholt and Buren. And I have come to view the Tower of London as my home now too, or wherever my wife may reside when I follow her on her travels through the realm. Even though most of her time is occupied by ruling the kingdom, I am generally at the same place she is."

"It seems like it might be hard trying to pick where you want to stay the longest with that many to pick from. The Tower of London is a grand place to live. How did you meet Queen Alexanderia?"

Findecano - "I was contacted by officers of the Imperial Chancellery. They received a message from the English Embassy stating interest in discussing the possibility of marriage between the Queen and myself. My liege, the Emperor knew even before I knew. I was surprised by the opportunity, as I had not paid any attention to the possibility of a new marriage and I certainly did not expect to find a woman of her status. Of course, there were some concerns that had to be dealt with, but with the eager support of my liege to forge such a diplomatic bond between his realm and the Kingdom of England by marrying off one of his highest-ranking vassals, the decision to marry was made.

The first time I actually saw her, was at our wedding. So our meeting happened in front of the altar and under Jah's gaze. Upon getting to know her better I can say that I hold no regrets."

"The arranged marriage seems to have worked out well for you. Can you tell us what you do for a living?"

Findecano - "I govern my domains in the Empire in the hope to secure a good future for my heirs. It is my wish -when it is my time to depart to the Solar Paradise- to leave my children with a realm to rule as I have as a way to prove their worth in the eyes of Jah.

I am also currently a member of the Imperial Council of my liege, the Holy Roman Emperor, comparable to the Privy Council in England. I fulfil the office of Imperial King of Arms and the same position on a provincial level in the county of Holland."

"With the number of domains you have, it appears you are a very busy man. Have you ever held any political office and if so can you tell us what they were?"

Findecano - "When I was much younger and had not yet come into the possession of my fiefs in the Imperial Domain I lived in the county of Holland and served the provincial council for a lot of terms as Public Prosecutor. I have been count of Holland for just two terms, which is when I was invited by a good friend, the late Salome di Loredan, to play an active role within Imperial politics. There I climbed the ladder as Imperial General, a military position and from there to my first term as Imperial King of Arms for the late Emperor Comyr von Wettin. I have served the late Emperors Jade de Sparte and Hadrien Marcus de Sparte as Imperial Regent, governing the Empire in their absences and during the regencies following their deaths. And as before, I currently serve as Imperial King of Arms, which I do not necessarily see as a political office, but some might."

"My, you are a busy man. Do you have a favourite hobby to take a rest from all that work?"

Findecano - "Jousting. A practice I certainly miss in England. Although interest within the Empire seems to be fading as well in recent years. And it has been a while since I fought in a good war."

"Jousting is not as big as it used to be here in England, I surely would like to see one happen here too. While you are here in England, what has surprised you the most?"

Findecano - "The very hospitable welcome that most have given me while visiting their cities, joining the people in the taverns and meeting them at the big amount of social events that are held within the Kingdom."

"Speaking of hospitable, have you found a favourite place that stands out to you in your travels in England? Where was it and what happened to make it that way?"

Findecano - "Several places definitely stood our on our recent tour through the realm, but I think Holywell certainly was the most 'special' of all. I do not think I have ever seen that many cows in one place in my life. Nor had I met a person mooing like one of them."

I paused then to laugh before I spoke again. The thought of a person mooing instead of speaking was a belly giggle.

"Forgive me for laughing. I have not heard about a person mooing like cows before either. Going back to where you live. Can you tell us a little about the Netherlands? Does it have a hereditary king or queen? Has it ever?

Findecano - The 'Netherlands' is not a unified territory. The region consists of several different principalities. Some examples are the duchies Brabant, Guelders and Limburg, the margraviate of Frisia, the counties of Holland, Zeeland, Namur and Hainaut, and then there are some smaller lordships. Some might even consider the French counties of Flanders and Artois within this region. All territories on the Imperial side of the border are direct vassals of the Holy Roman Emperor. All these fiefs are still hereditary principalities, except for the county of Holland, which has an elected count and council since a bit more than a decade now.

The chronicles of long past tell us that once a Kingdom of Frisia existed here, but Charles the Great conquered it and thus it became part of the Empire. The glory of these Frisian kings has now faded and is but a memory. Perhaps it may be restored someday.

"If it is the will of the people, anything is possible. As you have served in the Imperial Council it seems that you have travelled. What countries have you travelled to in your lifetime?"

Findecano - I have visited the whole western side of the Holy Roman Empire, the Holy City of Rome within the Papal States, some parts of the Kingdom of France but never for leisure, and very recently several places within England. I have also been to the Swiss Confederation as Imperial General, but not for a friendly visit.

"I have one last question for you but before I ask, I wish to thank you for talking with me today so that others may know you better. Tell me something that you wish we knew about you but you have not spoken about.

Findecano - I was told there are some within the Kingdom of England that think I interfere in the affairs of the realm. However, this is wrong. I keep myself far from any political affairs within England.

Lord Duke, it was wonderful to sit with you today. May your life and journies continue to be full of fun.

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