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15/12/1468 Spotlight minutes with Matthew Tudor

Matthew Tudor hails from Mercia. He is the final interview in this series of what villagers think makes, where they live, is different from the rest. It gave us information about themselves and what makes them who they are.

How long have you lived in Mercia?
Matthew - I have lived in Mercia since May 1468.

Where is your favourite town and why?
Matthew -I don’t believe I have travelled enough to have a favorite. I have limited land travel experience. Out of county travel has not been very encouraging or engaging.

What makes Mercia different from the other counties?
Matthew -I think each English county has its own pros and cons. Mercia is very legal-minded and a general mind of fairness in the courts. Some other counties are more military minded or quick to outlaw because they are reactionary. I think that Mercia is forward thinking and believes appropriate consequences for actions. The county and its citizens seem to be very rational to consider all perspectives.

Do you hold any elected positions in Mercia?
Matthew -I am currently the Spokesperson for the County of Mercia.

Do you have a memorable moment that made you who you are today?
Matthew - I am self-proclaimed outlaw philanthropist. In my first few months, I ventured into the county north of Mercia (Westmorland) to go fishing in Holywell but I discovered it was a forest town with a port. I ventured aboard a ship - having been told fishing could be done and found the ship abandoned. I assumed control of the ship temporarily before giving it back to the county, and long story short, I served two days in jail, after which the ship was destroyed and I was outlawed in retaliation from the leadership at the time. As a result of my outlawry, I have attempted to focus on the positive. In Mercia, I arrange and host many community events to bring activity to the county and our towns through the Black Sheep Entertainment Co.

If you were to guide a new person in Mercia, what sort of help would you be able to give them?
Matthew - I have been town mentor of my town Lichfield, and have transitioned to be the activities assistant. When I guide new people, I try to get them involved in the community by prompting them to meet their neighbors, give them practical guidance on the best daily work opportunities, and encourage them to visit our local taverns for social hour.

What is one thing in England that has gained your interest? What have you done to further that interest?
Matthew - At this time, there is nothing that holds my interest. I participate in the county navy due to my love for the water, but crewing a ship is a monotonous task. Eventually, I would like to study to be a Captain for when I have enough resources to acquire my own ship. However, piracy and the lack of defense on the seas is a real worry. I don’t know if I should turn my attentions elsewhere.

If you could fix one thing and make it right, what would that be and why?
Matthew - There are many broken systems and processes that are broken. Our country is quiet, fractured, and generally unwelcoming to newcomers. Some in high political office and nobility seem to have no regard for the common folk. Rules and laws are selectively used, enforced, and applied to control others rather than improve society. This is why English society and population declines. For now, I am focusing on building up a sense of community and belonging for those new people, so that in time, they may participate and welcome participation and change.

You seem to have embraced a mistake and turned it into something positive, that's amazing and commendable. What is life if not filled with lessons to better ourselves? I wish you absolute success in your positions, especially if you are mentoring others in an unofficial way.

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Fruit 12.26 0
Bag of corn 2.56 -0.01
Bottle of milk 8.7 -0
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Piece of meat 15.15 -0.01
Bag of wheat 11.61 -0.02
Bag of flour 11.7 -0.1
Hundredweight of cow 29.62 -2.53
Ton of stone 8.83 0
Half-hundredweight of pig 15.46 0
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