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16/10/1468 Spotlight Minutes with Mrjake

This is the last one in the multi-part interviews about the Sussex Attack. Today we will discuss with]Mrjake his side of what is going on with Sussex. Thank you for taking the time for the interview.
Mrjake - Hey there, thanks for having me.

Upfront, the questions I ask about the situation in Sussex are not in any way to take away from your opinion or that of others.

Mrjake - You’ve heard that tripe too then? Don’t worry, I don’t think that’s what you’ve been doing.

Can you tell us what made you choose Sussex for a home?

Mrjake - I fled to Sussex years ago after a defeat in battle elsewhere. I entered the monastery and when I emerged from it years later it seemed like an interesting place to stick around and have some fun in. I met some good friends there, a woman who became my wife and it’s also where my family happened to be at the time.

Friends, family and love, nothing can beat that for a good place to settle in. Would you consider moving to any other place if you had to?

Mrjake - I already have. As we speak I am on the road out of Sussex. My home is wherever my family are if we roam then the roads are home.

So home is not a place but a feeling for you. I understand the freedom to roam. Have you ever held an elected office before being mayor in Lewes recently?

Mrjake - Years ago in what now feels like a former life yes I held other offices. I went by a different name then, however.

You were elected mayor of Lewes on 15 September this year. There was a question on if you would stay on as mayor. Can you tell us why you wanted to leave only two days after you took office?

Mrjake - Honestly, the role of mayor requires me to work alongside and rub shoulders with people that, on day 1, I found out I severely disliked and couldn’t bear to be around. I was genuinely surprised at how fast it came about.

I found an announcement by you shortly after you were elected. In it, you said: "I'm gonna head somewhere less toxic.". Was there any specific group responsible for such a statement and can you explain for us, what you mean by all that?

Mrjake - Folk in Sussex already know the main contributors to the toxicity. For folk outside of Sussex go ahead and check out the Sussex inn. I’ll take any wager you want that says you won’t be able to mooch around in there for more than 5 minutes without hearing some egotist spitting venom over the latest irrelevant outrage. Please understand I’m not suggesting all folk in Sussex are bad, on the whole people there are awesome but the most vocal rotten eggs ruin the picnic for myself and many others there. Whenever the topic is brought up the standard reply is “Well, that’s Sussex for you”

People will be who they are like them or not. On 27 September, Sussex and England awoke to the news that the ports in Sussex had been attacked. Did anyone come to you, as the mayor of Lewes and explain the situation?

Mrjake -Aye they did. I was told by someone on the council that the treasury had been looted. Shortly after that I heard the cannon fire and was then told that our ports were under attack. I asked if it was the ONE fleet and was told that no, it wasn’t. Like most folk there, my knowledge of events came through via gossip rather than orders or statements.

No official word that day seems odd. Perhaps the paperwork got lost? As you were there when it happened how do you think the situation was handled by both Sussex and England as a whole?

Mrjake - Horrifically, by both. A literal battlefleet snuck undetected into our waters and even as their cannons pounded our ports and ships into oblivion, Sussex had no idea who the cannons belonged to. This is what happens when people are placed into offices and roles that they lack the qualifications for. It’s easy to vote or place someone into positions of responsibility and power because of their clan name or their friends but when they lack the necessary skills and mindset for defence, war and intelligence gathering it leaves the county completely open and vulnerable.

Am I wrong? Check the sea beds in the harbours of Sussex before you give me an answer.

If I have time to check the harbours there, I will let you know what I found. As you mentioned already that you were told O.N.E. fleet came, why do you think that group attacked Sussex?

Mrjake - Primarily to facilitate the KM escape but I hear that their spree continued on the continent after Sussex.

By KM I assume you mean Kingsman? As you mentioned them, what are your thoughts on the accused members of the Kingsman family who have said to have stolen from Sussex?

Mrjake - Funnily enough the only time Sussex seems united is in their hatred for the KM family so they’re good for the ole community spirit. With that hatred though comes ignorance. I was guilty of that too for a short while but you can learn a lot from people you don’t like and dismissing everything somebody says because you don’t like them can be fatal. Ignorance is not bliss.

We are only as blind as we want to be. What can you tell us about the connection that both the monarch and Sussex say link both the attackers and the people leaving Sussex are (O.N.E. and Kingsman family)?

Mrjake - To think there is no connection there you’d have to have your head buried firmly in the sand.

Thank you, Jake, for taking time today to give us your opinion on the situations in Sussex. This concludes the series dedicated to the situation. I wish to thank everyone that has taken the time to give their side to us on the matter.

~ Kallist0 for KAP
Editor in Chief
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