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10/10/1467 The end of the King-Queen of England ?

Westminster (AAP) - The King/Queen of England Frankiegulliero has been sick twice with some sort of ailment. The sudden leaving of his royal highness left England with two regents at one point, those regents being who was replaced by Maireerose.gulliero. England has been at a state of unrest since the early days of King/Queen FrankieGulliero. The villagers have pushed against the monarch in the House of Parliament by making laws that remove the powers of any monarch. The regent, then decided to decree that the House of Parliament will be closed for thirty days. The decree did state the following on the matter.

« Whereas a reasonable decree to suspend Parliamentary activities for 30 days until the normal operations of the Kingdom can be continued was correctly ordered by the Regent... Whereas several individuals have taken the Monarch's unavoidable absence as an opportunity to usurp authority that is not theirs; e.g. commencing legislation to expand powers not due the Parliament... Whereas several individuals have continued to besmirch the Crown, the Kingdom, and all English people with their bald attempts to seize power it is hereby decreed. On this, the 6th day of August in the year 1467, I, Pocket.le.fool, the Prince of Wales, duly appointed heir to the throne of England and acting for HRM King/Queen Frankiegulliero, do hereby issue this Bill of Pains and Attainder against the following members of the House of Parliament for open defiance of the Royal Decree dated the 3rd day of August in the year 1467 to suspend the Parliament for 30 days. They will forfeit their titles and estates, be removed from the House of Lords Chambers as well as lose the right to serve in any Royal Institution. »

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With that decree were the names that did try to usurp the power of the King/Queen among them were the two counts and two countesses of England, military heads, judges and public prosecutors. In answer to that decree, the two counts (Florianos and Eddward) and the two countesses (Diayania and Katrinae) of England signed a declaration against the King/Queen, who held a royal army. The army was used to tour England at the time. In defiance of this army, the count of Mercia, Eddward, met with the other counties in private, excluding the full council on the matter of decrees which provided an army from Westmorland to enter Mercia and attack the King/Queen in his army.

The counts and countesses did not speak with their full council on this declaration so it is unknown if every county council fully agreed with this matter as they stated in the declaration. They stated "It is out of loyalty to England, a Kingdom all of us are proud to serve, that we issue this declaration, in the names of the counties that we were elected to represent. What followed from there is that the Counties plotted to take down the royal army and in doing so they killed the King/Queen, the Queen Consort and many people that went to Derby to protect it and the monarch.

After the army killed the King/Queen, the Mercia Count, Eddward then decreed that several individucals could revolt the town hall of Derby to remove the power of the legally elected Mayor Guliette. Count Eddward's decree had the following stated on the matter.

« On the 22nd of August, certain individuals, including Arckangels, participated in a revolt against the Town Hall of Derby. This revolt was not an attempt to overthrow the mayor, but rather part of the ongoing military operation in Derby, and was an authorized action. The action intentionally used fewer soldiers than would be necessary to seize control of the town hall, and there was never any intention of ousting Mayor Guliette, whose term as mayor would have expired the next day anyway. Instead, it was a legitimate means of action against an illegal and unauthorized army, which was and is holding the power in Derby, that has also been designated as an enemy combatant by Mercia Law. Based on this, the actions taken by the participants in that revolt cannot be treason, and they were authorized as part of a broader military operation. »

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The actions in Mercia has caused further unrest in England as the population is torn between views.

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Loaf of bread 4.72 -0.01
Fruit 7.75 -0.02
Bag of corn 2.85 0.05
Bottle of milk 8.35 0
Fish 17.79 0.01
Piece of meat 16.76 0.48
Bag of wheat 10.54 0.12
Bag of flour 11.42 -0.51
Hundredweight of cow 30.34 0.02
Ton of stone 9.01 0.01
Half-hundredweight of pig 15.13 0.06
Ball of wool 10.26 -0.01
Hide 15.64 0
Coat 86.88 0
Vegetable 8.74 0
Wood bushel 4.14 0.28
Small ladder 21.14 0
Large ladder 65.07 0
Oar 20.22 0
Hull 37.84 0
Shaft 7.53 0.01
Boat 103.18 -0.47
Stone 10.15 -0.8
Axe 148.85 -0.04
Ploughshare 41.88 0
Hoe N/A N/A
Ounce of iron ore 7.94 -0.17
Unhooped bucket 24.66 0.01
Bucket 41.41 -0.07
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Ounce of steel 42.41 0
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Blunted axe 119.87 0.07
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Woman's shirt 120.25 0.01
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Pair of trousers 78.21 0.01
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Woman's hose 50.58 0.01
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Pair of boots 86.3 0.16
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Pint of beer 0.73 0.01
Barrel of beer 85.95 -0
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Barrel of wine N/A N/A
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