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13/11/1468 Spotlight Minutes with Cassandra_

In this new series, we will take a look at 4 different views around England. Each person is different and unique. The questions are to inform others of things outside of their own home or perspective. We start with Cassandrafrom Devon.

Hello and welcome. Shall we start with an easy question? Have you always lived in Devon?

Cassandra Yes since I was a little girl. My family (my parents and two siblings) moved here from Kendal.

So you must have settled in well if you have been here since you were a child. What is your favourite thing to do in Devon?

Cassandra Spending time with Lorenzo, of course! And working in my carpenter shop. I love the smell of woodchips and the way the sun glints off the polished wood. I love picking up a piece of wood and finding what is hiding inside it, revealing the shape little by little.

Besides being a carpenter do you hold any offices held in Devon?

Cassandra No, I have not yet, but I would like to. I've applied to the Devon Guard, but as of yet have not heard back.

You have good enthusiasm. Have you met anyone new that has needed your expertise in something? If you did, how did you help? Yes, it is okay to boast!

CassandraI tend to keep to myself, so I have not made the acquaintance of the townspeople or my neighbors yet, but I am working on that. I hope to meet someone that is interested in learning what I have, and I would be more than happy to mentor them in Carpentry.

You would make a good mentor. Can you name us a favourite activity that keeps you happy in Devon? Why does it make you happy?

Cassandra I love taking a stroll to the market in Chard in the mornings, usually with Lorenzo. There is so much variety on display, so many good things to eat, so many pretty clothes to try on, so much to see, that it is like a different experience every day. And the people are amazingly nice and friendly. They, more than anything, are worth staying in Devon for.

Nice and friendly townsfolk are healthy for anyone wishing to live there. It seems you found that place. If you were to sell someone on moving to Devon, what would you tell them to get them to do so?

CassandraThat Devon is a friendly county with so much diversity in its towns that there is something for everyone. I prefer the quiet life, so living in Chard suits me, but if you want a little more excitement, just go visiting the other towns until you find what you are looking for. And you will, in Devon.

Diversity is important to make our lives unique and exciting. What is one thing in England that has gained your interest and why?

Cassandra I have found myself drawn to how society is structured, the difference in classes, between nobility and peasants. There are so many opportunities for people to rise above their beginnings, and to have a say in everything from decisions that affect their daily lives to national policy.

I agree, there are many different ways to further yourself in England. What do you dream of for your future and what is it?

Cassandra I don't have much ambition for the future. I want to have a husband and a family, to live a quiet life, perhaps on a farm. I want to continue doing my carpentry, specializing in rustic furniture that can be affordable as well as functional, and pretty. But I would also like to take a more active role in my community. Perhaps in the Guard, perhaps in Politics, perhaps in the Church, I honestly don't know yet. And travel! I will travel in my future, not just throughout England, but to foreign countries as well. I am very excited with all of the opportunities!

It seems you are well settled in Devon society. From what you speak of, Cassandra, the diversity there is part of the key condition for the lively and dynamic Devon as it is today. You help make Devon a great place for sure.

~ Kallist0 for KAP
Editor in Chief
The International KAP offices.
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