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11/01/1468 Risultati del primo scontro per l'ascesa al trono!

Risultati del primo scontro per l'ascesa al trono! :

cris100 %

cris è riconosciuto/a senza dubbio alcuno!


Product Price Variation
Tortilla 2.51 -0.22
Fruit 4.62 0.14
Bag of beans 1.47 0.09
Turkey egg 4.37 0.07
Fish 7.58 1.41
Piece of meat 8.85 0.42
Bag of maize 5.08 -0.08
Maize flour bag 5.84 -0.22
Carcass of turkey 15.06 -0.48
Quintal of stone 3 0
Peccary carcass 7.55 -0.06
Ball of wool 5.8 0.17
Agave fabric 7.75 0.24
Cloak N/A N/A
Vegetable 4.17 0.05
Wood bushel 3.3 0.82
Small ladder 13 0.5
Large ladder 31 -8
Oar 10.63 0
Hull 18.5 0
Shaft 3.77 -0.97
Canoe 55 -14.08
Pepito N/A N/A
Obsidian axe 105.19 14.24
Foot plow N/A N/A
Digging stick N/A N/A
Obsidian ore 10 4.31
Rough hamper 12 -0.38
Hamper 19.92 0.92
Flint knife 9.63 1.9
Obsidian shard 20 0
Unpolished blade 30 -10
Obsidian axe blade 50 0
Blunted obsidian axe 59.67 -14.5
Headband 30 0
Sarape 58.5 -1.5
Huipil 56 0
Vest 84.98 0
Loincloth 30.5 -7.5
Mantle 100 0
Embroidered robe 125 0
Man's leggings 26.67 -0.84
Woman's leggings 28.8 0
Sandals 14 0
Moccasins 52.5 12.5
Belt 24.75 7.25
Large clay jar N/A N/A
Pint of octli N/A N/A
Clay jar of octli N/A N/A
Gourd of octli N/A N/A
Large clay jar of octli N/A N/A
Cocoa bean bag N/A N/A
Maize malt N/A N/A
Obsidian club head 45 0
Unpolished obsidian club 80 0
Obsidian sword 94.29 1.59
Shield 18.78 -0.18
Playing cards N/A N/A
Cape N/A N/A
Embroidered collar N/A N/A
Skirt N/A N/A
Robe N/A N/A
Apron N/A N/A
Blouse N/A N/A
Weaved belt N/A N/A
Scarf 34 0
Helmet 78 0
Headdress N/A N/A
Headband N/A N/A
Feather 32.5 0
Cod N/A N/A
Conger eel N/A N/A
Sea bream N/A N/A
Herring N/A N/A
Whiting N/A N/A
Skate N/A N/A
Sole N/A N/A
Tuna N/A N/A
Turbot N/A N/A
Red mullet N/A N/A
Mullet N/A N/A
Scorpionfish N/A N/A
Salmon N/A N/A
Arctic char N/A N/A
Grayling N/A N/A
Pike N/A N/A
Catfish N/A N/A
Eel N/A N/A
Carp N/A N/A
Gudgeon N/A N/A
Trout N/A N/A
Livre d'olives N/A N/A
Livre de raisin N/A N/A
Sac d'orge N/A N/A
Rabbit carcass 7.5 0
Bouteille de lait de chèvre N/A N/A
Tapisserie N/A N/A
Bouteille d'huile d'olive N/A N/A
Jar of agave juice 5 0
Boisseau de sel N/A N/A
Pain d'argile N/A N/A
Tonnelet de whisky N/A N/A
Tonnelet de whiskey N/A N/A
Bouteille de lait de brebis N/A N/A
Vase de majolique N/A N/A
Assiette de porcelaine N/A N/A
Carreau de céramique N/A N/A
Jambon de Parme N/A N/A
Jambon de Bayonne N/A N/A
Jambon Iberico N/A N/A
Jambon de Forêt Noire N/A N/A
Tonnelet de cidre N/A N/A
Vin de Bourgogne N/A N/A
Vin de Bordeaux N/A N/A
Vin de Champagne N/A N/A
Vin de Toscane N/A N/A
Tonnelet de vin de Porto N/A N/A
Tonnelet de vin de Tokay N/A N/A
Vin Rioja N/A N/A
Tonnelet de vin Retsina N/A N/A
Pot de yaourt N/A N/A
Fromage de vache N/A N/A
Fromage de chèvre N/A N/A
Fromage de brebis N/A N/A
Vin d'Anjou N/A N/A
Carcasse de brebis N/A N/A
Mât N/A N/A
Petite voile N/A N/A
Grande voile N/A N/A
Mug of pulque 0.5 -0.05
Jar of pulque 8.18 -4.02